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Major need of help!?

I'm only 16 (almost 17 now) and I've struggled with bad periods since the age of 11/12. As soon as it got to the point I was having weeks off school as I was passing out and throwing up while on my period I went to the doctors at the age of 12 where I started my journey of various pills to try to help. They got me nowhere and made me ill, now I'm 16 and recently had a laparoscopy which confirmed little endometriosis. I've been put back on pills as the operation made me no better, and the pills are still either not working or the ones I'm currently on give me migraines every single day and I'm still throwing up monthly (even when taking packs back to back). So I'm 16, having lots of time off of sixth form and this is affecting my grades badly. I've tried everything from different diets, exercise, herbs, painkillers, heat pads, meditation…EVERYTHING!

The next option is the coil, I'm so young for this and was wondering if anyone else has stories of this? I'm not sexually active and don't plan to be for a very long time.

Help!¿ Sick of pills making me worse and destroying my body! I'm on private healthcare if this helps

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Hi there. so sorry to hear you are having so many problems so young. I'd do a search on here for mirena , coil etc and you'll find plenty of discussions ( search is under the more tab) The mirena coil has the same hormone type progestogen as the mini pill, but is locally applied so I believe the theory is less should go into your bloodstream.

I've had one fitted during a laparoscopy 3 weeks ago. I am having spotting every day and my tummy is bloated but otherwise I am fine and it's impossible to know if they are mirena side effects or surgery after effects. I was nervous as I've not had kids. I was told it has a 60% success rate and from what I've seen a good number dont get on with it at all and have a negative experience, but those who do swear by it. The good thing is it can be removed if you change your mind.

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