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Need Advice & Help!!

Hello all, please take the time to read this, I really need your opinions and help with this. It is deeply appreciated!!

I am 16-years-old, I've been experiencing pain in my back, abdomen, lower abdomen and lower regions. I have been diagnosed for IBS, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. However, I went to 2 gynocologists and one (gyn. A) told me I had IBS and I had a very strong feeling that was wrong... Months later, I went to another one (B) and she told me that I may have endometriosis and has prescribed me birth control pills for the pain. Before these visits with those two gynocologists, I went to the hospital and I was told by one nurse that I have ovarian cysts and one nurse told me that I didn't have any.. The reason why I went was because I had massive pain and I could not move.

I started playing sports in Sept. of 2015, it was contact sports from the beginning of Sept. - Mar. of 2015. I was (and still am) experiencing pain, its sharp, sometimes dull. I feel it on parts of my back, on my ovaries, my abdomen, and lower extremities.

As far as my periods go, they are very irregular. They're either on time (28 days apart), or I skip it, or I wait more days for it to arrive. Before my periods, I experience a lot of pain (dull and sharp), during my period I experience both types of pain, and after I have dull pain. I also experience pain that is very unbearable and I can not move. This effects my emotional well-being, I am afraid of being infertile and having endometriosis... I have family members who can not conceive or have a lot of miscarriages, and some are just infertile. My mom, grandma, and auntie all grew pre-cancerous cells right after bearing their children. I have a significant other and he is worried for me (he's such a sweet guy, and extremely supportive of me).

Right now, I am on birth control pills, I take one everyday and have been very good at taking them at the same time each day. However, I still feel pain... Some days it's worse than others, and it's still everyday. Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip to Mexico and I have an appointment in late August with gynocologist B to check up on me about the pain and the birth control pills. I really try to not complain about my pain, my parents want me to stop that and I wanna stop it too because they do not realize that it's everyday. I want to stop missing so much school because i'm having pain, I don't want to miss sport events anymore, I don't want to be bothered by this pain anymore either.

While I was at the hospital I was there for 14-16 hours (I can't remember how long, this was in Nov. or Dec. of 2015), they did an ultrasound and took a look at my ovaries. Later on (I can not remember how long), my mother was contacted and they told her that everything looked perfectly normal. I also had a pelvic exam (it was super painful..) and I was told that everything looked normal too. This was all at the hospital. One nurse told me I didn't have ovarian cysts, and then a different nurse told me I did.. My mother has had them in the past, as well as cancerous cells in her cervix

During spring of 2015, I went to my mothers gynocologist and she was asking me all sorts of questions and she told me that I had IBS. I had a very strong feeling that I DO NOT have IBS.

In late May/early June, I went to a clinic near me and a doctor there was asking me questions and he had told me that he firmly believes that I DO NOT have ovarian cysts or IBS. He thinks I have endometriosis. Then, I saw a gynocologist there and she told me she thinks I have it and has prescribed me birth control pills. I have been on them for 1 month and 1 day now (as of 7/26/16). I am currently on my period but I am 2 days early and I am experiencing a lot of pain.

Medications before birth control, i've taken Aleve, Midol, ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Right now, I am not taking any medications for pain, I have really bad headaches, I feel naseous, I still feel pain, some pressure on my pelvic area and sharp pains on my back, abdomen, lower abdomen, across my hips and on the place where my ovaries would be. (This is all internal pain.)

I have searched up my symptoms and done research for months now and I get results that I may have fibroid(s), endometriosis, or ovarian cysts... I am afraid of what I have, I think may have endometriosis but I am not 100% sure, and I feel like I definetly do not have IBS so I feel like I was misdiagnosed...

If anyone out there is going through or has gone through similar situations please contact me or has had endometriosis or just has advice for me, I really need your help and opinions. I also need help as to what I should do, what should I bring up when I go to my next doctor visit. Thank you all for your help and time for reading this, I really do appreciate this. Please take care and have a wonderful day.

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Try and contact lindle she's on here and she will advise you, xxx

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Thank you so much!!


No problem I really hope you get some answers soon, if you have a look at lindles posts she has on her profile they are very informative and maybe helpful - but def contact her xxx

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Hi hunny, firstly the only way to diagnose endometreosis is by having a laparoscopy, that's when the surgeon puts a tiny camera in an incision made just above belly button, and looks around your abdemen for signs of endo, endo can then be excised, removed, hormone treatment can help mask your pain and symptoms but unfortunately can't do anything for the actual disease itself,

If you have any questions please ask,


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Thank you so much, my gynocologist (the one who prescribed me bc pills) told me that if I'm still experiencing pain then I may have a laparoscopy... But thank you for your comment and advice, I really do appreciate it ☺️

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