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Need some help

I was supposed to have my first lap on 9th August. After waiting for 3 hours ready to go down to theatre in my gown etc I get told the consultant has rang in sick (2nd time he has cancelled on me). So I had to go home and was told it would be rescheduled.

So this Tuesday 15th it had nearly been a week so I decided to ring the hospital. On the phone they told me that had no clue about any rescheduling but they'd find out and get back to me. Wednesday 16th come around with still no phone call so I rang back, they said on the phone that the consultant was ringing them that afternoon to let them know and then they'd get straight in touch with me. It's now Friday and they still haven't been in touch.

I go back to uni in a month and can't afford to have any more time off as I broke my hand in April and had to have a month off. The date that was planned was perfect timing to give me time to recover before I go back.

I feel like I'm harassing the hospital but I just want to know a date which I will be going back in. I'm dying to ring them back today but I'm worried incase they think I'm harassing them. Would you ring back today or would you leave it abit longer?

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Ring them and don't worry about what they think, it's not important.


I have just rang and they said he hasn't rang yet even though he was supposed to ring on Wednesday. I emailed his secretary the day it got cancelled and she hasn't got back to me either.


Might be time to get in touch with PALS and ask for their help - their details should be on the website of the hospital.


I'm an NHS patient getting care in a private hospital would it be pals or would it be through the private hospital?


In that case PALS will not help you and you will have to complain to the hospital direct. I went through this last year when i had problems with NHS treatment at a private hospital and it is really difficult - you basically have no support when things go wrong. Not something they're generally making clear when we're referred. The private hospital should have a complaints procedure though and details of this should be on their website.


Ok great thanks.


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