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Kidney problems?

I am waiting for a date for a lap to confirm if I have endo (after nearly 15 years of problems and lots of pain). For the last month I have been having really bad dehydration problems, no matter how much water I drink. I am also going to the loo about 10 times a day and wake up and go through the night but wake up so dehydrated. This has led to nausea, dizziness, loss of concentration, and a few black outs. When I had a urine sample sent off at the doctors, he said it was normal. The first time I go to the loo in the morning my urine is very dark and sometimes painful to pass. Kidneys hurt too.

Sorry for tmi! I don't know if it is linked to possible endo problems but I don't know what to do and i'm in so much pain :(

Thank you x

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Hi there,

I think a scan will be beneficial for you, as they could check if they are kidney stones which causing you trouble. Push you GP for a scan as soon as possible. xx


Less likely to be kidney stones, they usually have the opposite result, toxic fluid retained in the body and not filtered out correctly, but there could be some other activity inside the Kidney that needs to be checked out too. I've not come across need to fully empty the bladder more often with endo.

I certainly have had emptying issues with endo, or post endo op, but my frequent loo trips were because I wasn't fully emptying 1st time round because endo was flaring. Pink pee is indicative of endo in the bladder, because of internal bleeding, but the same thing can happen with IC also.

If the pink pee is from a kidney stone and/or infection you really would know about that from a pain point of view. Kidney stones give you super extreme pain 10/10 level. You'd not be able to type your post on a computer that's for sure. I've been hospitalised 4 times with kidneystones , so on that score believe me endo pain is not nearly the same level of intensity, but a bursting ovarian cyst comes pretty close at 9./10 but the pain of that doesn't last as long thank god..

so unless you are showing signs of a kidney infection (shivers and fever.)

Excessive thirst, for dehydration is more often associated with the diabetes and infections, can also be a side effect of many drugs. You'll need a raft of tests to rule out the possible causes and hopefully determine what's behind it, but it is not a common issue for endo ladies, unless it has been brough on by their meds. You must see your GP quickly regarding frequency of peeing, it can be a sign of serious conditions, so even if it just to rule that out if nothing else,

Please visit your GP asap and take a pee pot sample with you, as it can be checked there and then by your GP and sent off for further analyisis if needs be. The sooner you see the GP and get on the merry go round of trying to identify what the root cause is the quicker you can address the problem and get some quality of life back.

Best of luck. Hope your get fixed up really soon.


Hi, I hope you don't mind me sending you a quick message but I just wanted to see if you're aware of links between endo and pituitary problems? After seeing the doctor today he is sending me for a number of blood tests and suggested possibly having an MRI. He thinks the symptoms could be down to water diabetes as my glucose levels are normal but urinary activity is not. Im not really sure where to go next?


Hi Impatient. I too have frequent loo trips due to not emptying fully, can I ask if this has improved for you at all after surgery? I'm waiting for my first excision surgery and am pinning a lot of hope on it, not just for this symptom but all the rest too :|


Hi there my instinct would be along the lines of diabetes! Be worth mentioning to GP and getting tested. Being incredibly thirsty is a sign especially as you can't quench it! Hope you get some relief soon x j


Thanks ladies, I'm just waiting at the doctors now. It is just a minefield of symptoms and I don't know what is causing what! Fingers crossed xx


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