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Kidney Pain & UTI infections

I constantly suffer from uti infections & no medication seems to clear it up. The pain around my kidneys is unbearable. It is there throughout the month, but is worse just before and during my period. I'm seeing a connection here between these symptoms & endometriosis, but the doctors seem to dismiss it as just a uti! Really fed up now!

Anyone else had this? Thank you xx

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There is a connection. endometriosis and ecoli compliment each other, and ecoli infection is extremely resistant to antibiotics these days. i Typed up a lengthy post last night on here about ecoli.

Lots of us have host the bug please use the search box on the green bar and type in ecoli.

it lives in the bladder and infection can spread up to the kidney very easily causing renal colic.

further more - another cause of kidney pain can come from endo and or adhesions constricting the ureters (tubes) from kidneys to bladder and this blocks the flow or urine and backlogs waste urine in the kidney which hurts.

several endo ladies have had surgery and stents inserted to assist the flow of wee.

but the first attack if it is repeat UTI's is very determined and sometimes lengthy assault with antibotics.

The key words to search for a ecoli and biofilm and take a look at the linked pages i posted on some of the previous threads of discussion. You are far from alone it is etremely common to have repeat UTI, except they are not repeats, so much as the same UTI attacking you again because the master bacteria were protected from being killed off by biofilm which out own bodies produce and endo helps that process by providing the right environment.

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Thank you for your reply. I knew I wasn't going crazy! I have PCOS, Type 2 Diabetes & suspected Endo, but no laparoscopy yet! Just so fed up with being fobbed off! I have all the symtoms of endo, but they wont do a laparoscopy! (Money I'm guessing!) As my name suggests. I just want my life back again! sigh.... xx


Don't we all !! ** huge sigh** x


I have endo effecting my bladder and before it was diagnosed I was being treated for UTI's. Have they checked a sample of your urine? If it's endo related then your sample may come back with no bacteria present (as mine did), and treating you with antibiotics is totally pointless and very unhelpful. If you have recurrent UTI symptoms and there's no infection present then your GP should look to refer you to a Urologist or Gynae. Hope you feel better soon and get some answer xxx


Also do a google for interstitial cystitis. I have this and endo and they flare up at the same time x


Could it be Endo on the bladder and kidney area?


I have constant itchiness, thrush and have just finished anti b,s for BV. My itchiness does not go either. I have endo on my bladder. I know that we have 3 x as much e- coli as 'normal' women caused by endo, I have no idea why though. Mine also feels like a constant UTI. Just one of a million symptoms caused by this endo shit..... doctors dismiss x


Thank you everyone. I really appreciate it! I have an appointment with my gynecologist on the 15th and will mention the E coli thing. I am desperate for them to do a laparoscopy, so I can find out once & for all! The last gynecologist I saw was an idiot! He did an internal exam and said... ' No you don't have endometriosis, I cant see any!' Wtf? what does he have xray vision???? seriously???? Fed up with being fobbed off because they dont want to spend the £££! arghhhh Wow I sound angry!!!!!!! xxx


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