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Kidney ache?

Hi everyone. I am currently waiting for a lap so dont know if I endo though all my symptons are pointing towards it anyway the last weeks I had a bad flare up and feel awful but i wanted to know if anyone suffers from kidney aches? Not even really sure if it is the kidney but for months now the middle right part of back through to stomach hurts or aches Am starting to worry now because back in june fasting bloods showed something funny about kidneys? ( have absolulyt no idea what as was a bit of mess when i saw the doc, all I remember him saying is it seems unusual for someone my age ( 37 ) but will keep an eye on it, no mention of of it since ) So now I am having all sorts of horrible thoughts, any advice would be great, thanks in advance xxx

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It would be hard to say if that symptom is a sign of endo as it can be related to so many things. But the ache you describe was one of my first ever symptoms. Flares up during period, if I've had alcohol ( don't drink now though) or if I have had very little sleep and feeling a bit run down.

Did the Dr not say what was wrong when you had your bloods done? Any follow up? I would look into that as a separate issue for now. Good luck for your Lap xx


I av have pains where my right kidney is a lot not yet proven I have Endo tho but I had a scan on all my upper part the other day (stomach kidneys etc) and that was all clear but the man that did it told me it could be from Endo and known more as a traveling pain from it so not sure at all but I do get the pain and I have often thought I was having another kidney infection hope you get answers soon Hun x


I have a dilated kidney due to a blockage in my ureter caused by endometriosis. So it can definitely affect the kidneys. I think kidney pain is quite high up in your back, not sure if that helps at all.


At least we know it can do some thing yes kidneys are under the rib cage at the bottom in the back I had my scans done on Thursday on mine due to all the pain I'm having in my right one x


Hi everyone, thankyou very much for your replies. Been having a bad time last few weeks and today I kinda bombed just needed to know I am not alone with the kidney pains, your replies have helped me calm down :) stupid moods always make me feel everything is a billion times worse :) also got a call today to say lap is end of next month, maybe will get somewhere soon. Thankyou again all, I would be a mess without this site and you wonderful women, I do hope we all have pain free day's some day, Take care .

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Hi ladies, having a lap on Tuesday to see if I have endometriosis, am getting very nervous now. When I had my gynae appointment she asked me if I had ever had problems with my kidneys and I said not that I know of. I do have horrible aches in the right kidney quite regularly though, so could this possibly be endo? Heard a few people say about this.


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