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Hopefully someone will be able to help me it here. I had the coil about 2 months ago. The doctor checked it during the first month and it was fine but I'm due to check it now and I'm so scared! I'm not sure how to do it. I have googled it and the dr talked me through it but I'm still so scared and then I get all worked up and I can't do it! I know it really needs checking and I'm sure once I have done it the first time, I'll be ok. Was anyone else like this or not? Thank you.

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  • Check it when you're in the shower or bath. You should check it, I had mine 5 weeks ago and the strings are missing. I couldnt find them, neither can the nurse :( best to keep a check, once you've done it once itll be fine. Get your partner to do it if you'd find that easier - personally i'd rather do it myself! Just like using an applicator free tampon if you want a less squeamish way of thinking about it. Good luck.

  • Thanks for your reply! It's just the thought of doing it for the first time. I should be fine afterwards, just need to be brave and do it as I keep putting it off xx

  • Hey hun!

    I too have the Mirena so have to check for my strings .

    The best thing to do is to do it whilst you are sitting , so maybe when you're in the shower if you can stoop, kind of in a frog position if you know what I mean, insert one finger and have a feel around.

    I was nervous the first time as I couldn't find mine but eventually found them and I know exactly where to feel for them now.

    Don't be worried, it's just something we have to do :) take your time and once you find them your mind will be at rest.

    Good luck hunni xxx

  • Thank you for your reply. I think I'll be ok after I know what they feel like and I've felt them. It's just actually doing it the first time! Xx

  • No problem hunni, hope all is well xxx

  • I had no idea I had to do this for mine (only fitted last week) and am now scared too, so I'm the same as you.

  • Your supposed to check the strings every month just to make sure it's in place. I'm so scared! Hope your ok x

  • Thanks. Wish someone had told me!! I guess one of the perils of a male surgeon doing it during a lap! Oh well. hopefully my GP will showe how. Right now too sore still to go any where near ! So far not too many of the dreaded side effects so fingers crossed. X x

  • That's good. I'm spotting quite a lot and feel really hormonal. I guess this is a side effect but hopefully it will settle down xx

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