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MRI scan required

Hi ladies,

I have endometriosis and had my 3rd Laparoscopy last June. It was stage 2 initially, but the last time was down to stage 1, not that the pain reflects that as it can get unbearable. As usual, in between surgeries, I am for a few months, usually up to 12 and then it starts again as constant pain down my leg, lower back etc. etc. In May this year, almost one year after my last laparoscopy, the pain started badly again, but as I wanted to avoid another op and more time off work, I decided to see an endometriosis dietician to help me manage the pain. She has been brilliant, and the constant pain has eased off massively, however, my period pain has gone completely the other way. I have the mirena coil in for the very purpose, so used to only having a bit of random spotting, and a little period pain. But for the last three months, the period pain has become excruciating, like pre-coil days, and the bleeding has become more heavy again. Not to the extent it used to be, but definitely more than spotting. That I can cope with, the pain i cannot. On Monday last week I had to go home from work in agony with severe cramps and pain, and had Tuesday and Wednesday signed off sick. Its much better now, but still getting some cramps. I went to see my gynaecologist, and he wants me to have an MRI scan to see if there is and deeper issue with my bowels or if anything has happened to the coil. I am really nervous as I am claustrophic and hate MRIs but more importantly I am nervous about what could be found. Has anybody else had a similar experience?

Thank you!

Nic xxx

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How long have you had the coil ? I think they only last 5 years? I had an MRI for endo and your head doesn't need go in the tube to scan your tummy and they usually decorate the ceiling with something nice to look at. worst thing for me is it sets off my back pain and is very noisy. They gave me a bowel relaxant imjection which felt a bit funny but was painless and wore off within 30 minutes . Compared to a lap it's a piece of cake. x


Its only been in for 18 months... I had the MRI and I did have to put my head in as well, but I freaked out, so she gave me a flight mask to put over my eyes, which helped massively. Went back to the consultant and he said the MRI didn't show my coil, and wondered if it had come out somehow. Anyway, I have a large cyst in an usual place near my rectum, which needs to be removed, and could explain the additional pain, plus I have lots of fibroids, which is new to me. So i have to have another Laparoscopy in early January... x


Are you in the UK? If so, are you being treated by a BSGE Centre? If not read Tillytrotter's post (on here today) about them - and spread the word!


Well done for surviving the MRI. Guess there are different types of machine. Good luck for the lap. I too have a large nodule in the Rectal space and am waiting on more tests before a decision about a further op.


Thank you Starry.... and I hope everything is ok with you too. The joys of endometriosis! x

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