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MRI & Bowel

Hi everyone. After a 7 year wait, last year I was diagnosed with Endometriosis through a laparoscopy. The endometriosis affected both ovaries and both fallopian tubes. As well as the general endometriosis pains, I have always had really severe bowel symptoms - pain when going to the toilet, bleeding, pain during sex, frequent diarrhoea, long and painful cramping - so I was recently sent for an MRI to see if the endo had spread to my bowel. The MRI has shown no endometriosis on my bowel and i'm worried that something has been missed - the symptoms are constant and the specialist said MRI's aren't as conclusive as surgery. Has anyone been in this situation before where scans have not shown anything but the endometriosis has later been found?

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Hiya! I had an MRI and flexible sigmoidoscopy after my initial laparoscopy to diagnose endo. The MRI showed there was some on the bowel and the sigmoidoscopy showed none penetrating the bowel wall. I had my excision surgery and did have some on bowel but it hadn't completely invaded bowel wall and it was way worse than expected in other areas even though I had the exact symptoms you described as well. I guess you don't really know until they get in there unfortunately xx

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Thanks for your help :) good to know. Hope you are feeling well x


I am just wondering, did you get the MRI through gastroenterology or gynaecology?


Hello :) it was through Gynaecology


Hi there, I have had issues with ultra sounds, because my endo is on the surface of my bowel, it was deeper down than the bladder and wasn't easily diagnosed, I have suffered for a good 10 - 12 years with endo, and it has only been since we moved areas and into a different doctors surgery that the doctor I saw was quite happy to take my symptoms seriously and refer me to get checked out. I couldn't be more greatful. I am not quite on the waiting list for bowel surgery yet, but the surgeon I had has been discussing my MRI results with his team and the next step will be getting an appointment. It is the wait for the appointment of surgery that seems to be the worst part, as you just want it fixed. I am still not back at work since my lapracoscopy on the 6th August however it is partly doing me good to rest but I can't wait to be back in a normal routine again. What kind of symptoms do you have ? Are you further along with your treatment now? xx


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