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Hi I had a laparoscopy in Oct they found endo but Didnt give me any info at all I was supposed to get the coil to try and control pain but still waiting, I'm worse than ever after the laparoscopy is that normal? Also I bleed at the most inconvient time it's more than spotting but less than a period and its every other day sometimes more than just nice a day! Please help lol


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  • Did you find out what they did during the laparoscopy? Do you have an appointment booked to fit your coil?

  • They scraped/burned what ever they do away but I'm unsure how much no the consultant hasn't signed my form x

  • All I got was they burned some away and that was it I had to push to see my consultant again took me 5 months and she decided to put the coil in but would be a different person doing it so rang her secretary and it took me a month to get somewhere then the surgeon hadn't signed my form and I was supposed to get it on friday but had no phone call and now I've made an appointment with my gp as I have new symptoms involving my bowels so unsure if it's came back or it could be something new. I'm a broken woman😔😂

  • It isn't even on my discharge letter what they have done.

  • I has my coil fitted in my local GP surgery. Is that an option for you? Was very quick and straightforward. Took some pain killers before and only had slight discomfort. Xxx

  • My uterus is too small so I need to go under general anaesthetic and it's too painful for the thing that opens your vagina (sorry for the grim picture!) x

  • If you have received nothing in the post from whoever did the Lap, ask at your GP surgery in case it has gone there. However, my understanding is that hospitals etc are supposed to send you copies of all info. Ask GP for a printed copy, you may have to pay, but really it should have gone to you - so try making this point! If you don't want to pay ( as k 'how much?' can be very expensive if there is a lot for receptionists to look up and copy, and it's from a while back) ask for an appointment to see your GP and discuss it - explain you were told nothing, and have received nothing.

    Meanwhile, read up as much as possible on here, on the 'Endo UK' home website (link at top of this page, just click, they host this site on 'Health Unlocked') and check out as much as you can. Check other 'Endo' sites, too, eg on 'Facebook' but check they are in the UK (just realised I'm assuming you are in the UK).

    Sadly, with 'Endo' we have to become our own best experts, as often some GPs don't know as much as they should. So try to learn as much as you can so, you can ask all relevant questions of your GP and you can understand what they say. If you don't understand anything s/he says, tell them that, ask them to repeat and to explain more if necessary - write it down. Don't be embarrassed: they should talk in language we understand. Then come back on here and ask for our opinions on what your GP has said. Eg: in the UK, if the comments from the Lap suggest the Endo was of a certain seriousness, then the GP should probably be referring you to a specialist Endo Unit - a BSGE Centre: there will be one near-ish to you. Don't be fobbed off with more work at any old hospital: if the lap suggests you need the attention of an 'Endo Specialist' then the GP should refer you to a 'BSGE' Unit.

    Hope this helps, come back on here and ask more, and/or also talk to the advisors at 'Endo Uk'.

    Cheers, Gritty

  • I got a discharge letter but they missed me off the list to see me 3 months after so I didn't get seen until March which was 5 month of my symptoms getting worse? My go doesn't know anything either, I've been passed to a different consultant who wants to put the coil in. I haven't been told at what stage the endo is I have no idea what so ever the new consultant was supposed to sign the letter for my coil in last week and she hasn't replied to her receptionist.

  • With regard to further investigations and - possibly being seen at a 'BSGE Clinic' - there is a very strict and precise 'protocol' that GPs and ordinary gynaecologists are supposed to follow if the endo is considered to need more attention. I would think that the people who did the lap and maybe your GP are in breach of this. In the past lots of women on here have said how things began to happen both quickly and properly for them, if they contacted or saw their GP or consultant, but now armed with the information about this protocol. If you go to your GP with this approach: they should jump more quickly and higher! and do whatever needs to be done.

    I suggest you contact 'Endo UK' ... link to their site at top of page, with details of phone and email contact details. They should be able to tell you all you need to know about the 'protocol' for referral and give you good advice on being able to make the right moves with Medics and get things moving.

    Hope this helps. Your treatment is not good enough, and they need to do better.

  • Hi you really need to ring the hospital you went to and ask for the consultants secetary number and ask them have they got any information on whats next and tell them the situation yoy are in. Also ring your gp discuss concerns with them what's gone on. Be prepared could be bit hit and miss with GPs I have found this last 2 years some understand give support others just seem quite ignorant with the condition and just seem to say don't specialise in this speak to hospital. Just keep on at them so easy to get missed. If you want any info be happy to help good luck

  • I've tried that took me months to get through they weren't replying to any of my phone calls and now I've been passed to a different consultant thank you!

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