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Hi, I have had endometriosis for a number of years which got worse until I had my second child and then the symptom's died down for awhile, they have now return to causing back ache and general pain which can carry on through out the month. I have tried all pills but they seem to effect me badly causing my periods to go haywire, I have been pointed in the direction of a Mirena coil but wondered what people experience are, when I search there are little results and what there is seems to be negative, such as weight gain and mood changes.

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  • It depends on what the coil has been suggested for - to control periods or to control endo. It acts locally in the uterus so is unlikely to have much effect on endo.

  • Thanks for your reply its to help with both really, as I intend to have no more children my consultant has suggested trying the mirena but I'm unsure

  • I've had a Mirena for 6 months and have been bleeding and spotting almost every day. It's worth a try because everyone reacts differently to treatments but my experience hasn't been good xx

  • My doctor have suggested to have it aswell. And then after 3 month to have another appointment with him to see if it have helped me.

  • I love mine. Picking up my prescription tonight and having a third fitted next Friday. It's been a thing of joy for me. A tiny amount of hormones compared to the pill and just in the sopt you need it. My periods are so much more like a normal period compared to the clotting and flooding I used to have. Joy! Try it, it's worth a punt. My moods are so much better and if you want to TTC, you can pretty much do so once it taken out.

    Definitely recommend!

    LBB :)

  • Also, it's easy for people to express negativity when something doesn't work for them but not many people take the time to share their positive experiences. Please feel free to message me direct if you want to chat further :))

  • Hi! I had a mirena coil fitted in 2013 after I'd had my second child. I have stage 4 endometriosis and was very fortunate and never had horrific pain, but enough that I never wanted a period again. It really has been the best thing ever for me. No periods at all. Have occasional discomfort, but so little I hardly notice. Xxx

  • Hi I've had the mirena coil for almost a year now I think it's well worth a try my pain is better and my bleeding isn't as heavy, my periods are still a bit everywhere but they said it can take a while to settle down hope this helps X

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