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I had a laparoscopy on Saturday and woke up and was told that I've had endometriosis removed (but wasn't told where from) I have a follow up appointment booked in where they'll be able to tell me. I wasn't really told a lot when I came round from the anesthetic.

It's been 3 days and the only way I can describe the pain I'm having is as if I've done a huge tummy work out in the gym! Which I haven't. Can anyone advise if this is how they felt after a Laproscopy? I'm also finding my upper back is hurting, would I still be getting trapped gas 3 days later?

Thank you

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  • Takes time, sweet. Try and be patient. They'll discuss what they found further at your post op appointment. Definitely normal to have that type of pain. Might not appear traumatic upon outside visualization.. but they move a lot of organs around on the inside. As far as trapped gas... totally normal. It can take a while for that pain to dissipate. You can try a warm compress or heating pad on your shoulders or back.. wherever is comfortable. Also recommend gas-x and walking as tolerated.. walking will help to relieve the trapped gas.. but do so with caution and don't overdo it! Xxx

  • I had a laparoscopy in October and they found and removed endometriosis. It took me two weeks to recover properly. Even a ten minute walk exhausted me at first and I struggled with the pain. You may only have tiny scars on the outside but they did a lot inside. Things are raw.

  • You are right. I have had exactly the same experience

  • Hi, I've had 2 laparoscopies & that sounds totally normal. Best thing for getting rid of the gas pain is gentle walking & drinking peppermint tea (or taking peppermint oil capsules.) I would try walking on the hour every hour, even if it's just from one room to another a couple of times.

    It's hard to take things in after an operation so you'll have chance to find out more at your follow-up. Maybe work out some questions beforehand & take notes too. You might want to ask how severe (what stage) the endo is & if they used ablation (where they burn off superficial layers) or excision (surgical removal). I have stage 4 severe endo and ablation was pretty ineffective & only gave me temporary relief. If you have severe endo & your symptoms return, the only way to go for permanent relief from this disease, is excision with a specialist.

    Hope you're pain-free soon & feeling better. And don't overdo things in the first weeks of your recovery!

  • Hi I had a lap in October where they removed a lot of endo tissue, I am still not 'back to normal' it still often feels like I've been doing too much at the gym. My lower back has also been quite sore and a great indication of when I've been doing too much! I never thought I would be this long in recovery (i was initially told 2weeks and see how you go!) but the doc assures me I have had extensive work done and she would not expect me to be recovering any faster.

    Good luck and don't push it, you will only make things worse! You will know when your body is ready!

  • Hi

    I had my laparoscopy 10 days ago the worst bit was the week after but once you start to feel better you'll get better quickly the gas got me at the weekend,peppermint tea moving around every 30 mins,lay on you side right side knees up if you can . Although I didn't feel like it I made myself keep moving around and I do think that it will get better I just feel like I've had a really good tummy work out now . I'll be back at work on Monday just give yourself as much time as you need some people need more time.


  • Sounds totally normal to me. I felt quite rough for at least a week after my lap and still suffered gas pains for a while after that. As others have said, they move a lot of things around in there so you do need to take it easy! I went back to work about two weeks after mine but could really have done with another week or two off. Look after yourself, try and move around a bit as that does help with the dispersal but also get plenty of rest. xx

  • Hey,

    I had my Lap on the 14th and can definitely confirm I felt the same afterwards! I felt gas pain for a good few days after on and off but then it suddenly stopped.

    The feeling in the stomach does ease, I found taking it easy but making myself get up every hour or two just to walk around the house, e.g. Down the hall and back really helped move the Gas and stopped me getting too stiff.

    I'm due to back to work next week, and now the main thing that I'm struggling with is the odd twinge from below the incision site and fatigue, but I think they can hang around for a while for some people!

    Hope you start to feel a bit brighter soon.


  • Yes you would - try walking about and peppermint tea to disperse the gas. Recovery is about 6-8 weeks until you're tip top if they removed any endo... You'll start to feel more yourself by 2-3wks post but still wouldn't be able to do anything strenuous physically. It all depends on what was done and your own healing time/fitness before surgery.

    This should help x

  • Thank you - that link was very helpful hasn't seen that before. I was hoping to do some Christmas shopping at some point this week but looks like I'll be doing it from the sofa at home! Thank you for your reply x

  • Thank you so much for all of your replies. I have found all of this more helpful than what the nurses/hospital told me! I will defiantly rest up and I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel these symptoms. I took a week off work but if I need further time off I will take it. Thank you everyone x

  • I am 2 weeks post lap - I had endo removed from my bladder and a cyst was drained. First week I was very tired and slept a lot, but I'm now pretty much back to normal - working, taking the kids to school, and back to exercising. I'll be running again by next week. This surgery was very straightforward and the recovery has been easy though - the last one back in January floored me for a couple of months due to complications.

  • I was in agony from the gas, in my chest, back and shoulders. This came and went for about a week. And that is normal. Resting sitting up slightly on the sofa helped me; lying down flat made it worse. I would say rest as much as you can, even once you feel OK don't push it as I did and ended up feeling ill. I also got post operative sickness after a few days so definitely take it easy so you don't get that 😊 I hope you feel more normal soon! 😊 x

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