I ended up in A&E last night with the pain as it just all of a sudden got so much worse and I felt like something wasn't right. I had a 6 hour wait to see a doctor, I had my bloods and urine tested everything came back normal. He said he spoke to the gynaecologists and they said if the pain was no better today, go back and they will see me

I am on the waiting list for a laparoscopy in about 3 months time, I know I need to go back today as the pain is so bad I have a burning sensation in the whole of the bottom of my stomach, I'm sweating and shaking and feeling faint

I guess really I'm just scared because I have no idea what they might do today, should I take an overnight bag? The next step for me is the laparoscopy so I don't see what else they could be thinking of doing and I know I can't carry on in so much pain for the next 3 months. I just want to know what to expect I'm so scared, I thought I had time to process it and think about the laparoscopy more I don't know if I am ready for it all to happen so fast

Sorry for the rant just needed to get it out, if anyone could share a similar experience and what they did for them at the hospital I would really appreciate it, thanks xx

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  • Big hugs and good luck. I hope it means they will bring the lap date forward xxx

  • Thank you! Me too xxx

  • Best of luck, be honest, you know your body the best xx

  • If u got the offer to go back today and see a gynae go, as u dont get much help otherwise...

    I did same as u i was in so much pain one day i ended up in a&e and told to go back next day, within week i had a lap and i had no endo, just a inflammed uterus. Had a lap and d&c and was told i had bad clotting, now on tranexamic acid and my last two periods been really easy goin. So u mayb glad u went...

    take a bag with u with nightie wash stuff and a book and b hopeful they do something

  • Thanks for your reply! I went down and had an emergency ultrasound, because nothing showed up they sent me home and said it's not an emergency so I have to wait the 3 months for a lap :(

  • Oh no what a shame but at least they didnt see anything so there no fibroids, cancer, tumours or cysts, so i way that a good thing.

    Just shame u now got to wait

  • Yes! You are right. I should look on the bright side! Thanks🙂

  • Yep they would have had u in and done if they saw anything that worried them... so way u got to see it is that it nothing major life threatening...

    I had these same problems ended up in hosp four times i had my lap and they found clotting problem no endo or anything else horrible but they did suggest food problems so i went to a alergist and have a dairy and gluten intolerances so ive given up all that and the pain in my stomach went. Plus they put me on transexamic acid for the period clotting and it had helped immensely. Are u on the pill or anything?

  • Oh really? I might ask if I can be tested for good intolerances in the meantime! Yeah I am on Cilest at the moment. I've been through so many pills in the last 5 years, this is the best one I've been on but my gynaecologist said I should try the coil so I'm having that when I go in for the lap as it's too painful to have whilst I'm awake. Are you on the pill too?

  • No coz i have to thick blood that why i clot so i cant b on a pill i have to take a pill to thin blood. I used to be on microgynon years ago then yasmin but got massive headaches.

    They wont do the food alergies on nhs u have to go private but it was worth it for me

  • Oh I will look into this as I had an intolerance to dairy when I was younger. If you don't mind me asking, was it expensive and how did you find out where to go for these tests?


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