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Breathing/ anxiety post op

Hey all, I had a laparoscopy 6 days ago to look for endometriosis. They have found some and lasered it away. The first few days post op were pretty miserable. I got really awful pains in my shoulder and ribs from the gas which was worst when I took breaths in, to the point that at one point I was screaming and writhing around in agony and couldn't get any breath because it felt like my arm was dislocated. I've never known pain like it! The gas pains went away within a few days thankfully, and obviously I have been very sore and tender, particularly at the belly button incision site. However what troubles me is that, particularly when I sit and stand I really struggle to breathe properly and I get heart palpitations. Even laid down I feel like my breathing is laboured and heavy. All this has led me to feel really breathless and often times dizzy to the point I've nearly passed out.

I have suffered with anxiety most of my life, and for several months I've been almost completely fine since seeing a therapist but suddenly I feel like I'm having the worst bout of anxiety (the chest pains, which result from a build up of carbon dioxide). I try to breathe with my stomach instead of my chest as I've been instructed by the therapist, and normally it works, but it doesn't seem to be helping with this chest pain. I don't feel like I'm fully breathing in, especially when sat or stood. I've done meditation, which will help when I'm laid down, but the moment I stand up I struggle again.

Should I be ringing 111 or is it simply anxiety caused my the stomach pains? Advice please!

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Have you tried Windease tablets and drinking Peppermint tea? These helped me massively with the wind pain after my op X


Hey janine, I've had a few people recommend peppermint tea so I think that could be worth a try. Thanks!


Hi having any kind of surgery is very stressful and it is perfectly normal to be feeling very anxious. If you are at all concerned please call GP or 111 and get advice. Take care and hope you feel better soon.


Hey Jean, I had read online that some people suffer anxiety, depression or other mental health issues after surgery. I think I must be going through that. I was horribly emotional, particularly the day after surgery, I knew it wasn't normal. I'm sure it is just anxiety but if it gets worse I will ring 111 for advice. I'm seeing my therapist on Wednesday so hopefully she'll put me straight haha.


I was very emotional and anxious after my first lap last year.

Just need to remember that as your body gets stronger so will you emotionally.

Good luck.


Cheers Jean :) x


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