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Extreme exhaustion after endometrioma rupture

Hi everyone,

I'm new here (hello!) and was hoping for some help!

A couple of months ago I was diagnosed as having two endometriomas on each ovary - the largest was a 6cm on my right side. I was on the waiting list to see a specialist when, three weeks ago, the 6cm cyst ruptured and I ended up in A&E. They kept me in overnight as they suspected that some of the blood floating around in my abdomen had gotten infected. I was given some hardcore antibiotics and discharged, sadly no further up the waiting list. Thankfully the pain had subsided by now, but I was feeling really quite ill. Dizzy, nauseous, really tired (I can't get through a whole day without having to go back to bed at least once; even walking to the corner shop exhausts me). I saw my GP a few days after this and she said it was probably the antibiotics making me feel ill, but once I'd finished the course I was still feeling awful and things haven't improved since then.

Has anything similar happened to anyone else? Any ideas why I might be feeling so awful?

Thank you! :-)

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Did they give you a blood transfusion or an IV?


No blood transfusion, but I did get IV fluids.


I would really get your blood checked out for red blood cells since you might've lost some.

Could the cyst have injured an ovary? That can cause your hormones or go crazy.


Thanks Hannah117! I'm seeing my GP tomorrow so I'll ask for a blood test. They did an ultrasound and didn't mention any injury to the ovary but I have no idea how detailed an ultrasound is. Can they check your hormone levels with a blood test?

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Yup, ask for:

O-estrogen, progesterone, tsh

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