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So this is my first blog, as I'm new to this website, but I feel writing some things down on here, may help me deal with any problems I have. I was diagnosed in November 2012 with endometriosis, after many trips to the doctors and hospitals, in agonising pain. It was nice to finally have an answer to my problems! I've known since puberty that there was something wrong, but it was a case of..'you're a woman, having a period, get on with it!'

I then get told that my chances of having children are very slim to none, as the endometriosis is on both ovaries, and my pelvis. Since being diagnosed, I have still been in and out of hospital, because the pain is so bad. The amount of pain killers I am on is ridiculous!!

Last week when I ended up in hospital, they sent me home after 4 hours, even though I still couldn't stand, telling me that I had a urine infection! I knew that I didn't. The next day I sent a water sample to my GP, and they confirmed that I DIDN'T have a water infection, and the hospital just wanted me out. Really frustrating!

I've had an appointment today with my gynecologist. They have been looking over previous internal scans, and have found that I have 2 endometriomas, one 5cm and the other 7cm. Since being given this news, I have to now decide if I want to eliminate the pain by getting rid of the cysts, which in turn would really make my chances of having a baby impossible, because they would have to remove parts of my ovaries too, or keeps the cysts, and go through IVF, as natural pregnancy seems impossible. First I have to have an AMH test, to see how many eggs I do have. If I have a lot, then my decision will be easy, and remove the cysts, as I will have spare eggs to work with. If I have a low egg count, then this makes my decision difficult. Fingers crossed I have lots of eggs!!

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Hopefully everything will be ok and you will have a baby (or more) very soon :) And believe me there are many women that have been told that they probably couldnt have children and they have more than one now!

Good luck x


Thanks for that! I am talking to a lot of women who have got endometriosis, and then they tell me they have at least one child. It does give me hope! I think the doctors say a lot of things that scare you at the beginning, which make it sound like everything is going to cause problems. I am trying to stay positive!

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Hi, just to say that I had a 5cm endometrioma taken off an ovary in Oct 2011 and my ovary was fine. I had been warned I may lose part of it but in the end that wasn't the case. Good luck with your AMH test.x


It made me smile when I read this. At least now I know that there is a chance that my ovaries will be OK, if it was for you. Even if it is a small chance, it is still a chance!


Hi, I was diagnose with endo in 2010. I had bilateral endometrioma of 3and 6 cm respectively. Last month I had another scan that showed my cysts has grown

0.7cm each. I am going to have an operation soon but my doc did not say anything about removing part of my ovary. I am in pain and bleeding any time of the month...it is very unpredictable. Do you suffer from bleeding problem. Take care.


I think because the endometrioma covers a large part of my ovaries, maybe that it why part of it may be removed during surgery. I have random pain, and only recently random bleeding. The pain used to be just during my periods, but for the past 5/6 months, it just comes on any time. I bleed a lot during periods, and then have a bleed mid cycle, but that isn't as much. I hope everything goes OK with your operation, and it will at least help with the pain and bleeding x


Hi trish,

Have you had a look at fertility friends? There is a section for ladies with endometriosis going through fertility investigations and treatment and they have a wealth of knowledge about the pos and cons of having various different approaches. I don't have endo on my ovaries so I can't advise but you'll find loads of ladies over there who have been through very similar experiences to yourself who will be able to give you the benefit of their experiences with endo treatment and subsequent fertility treatments

Here's the link


Click on forum and have a good hunt around, the endometriosis section is under the diagnosis heading about half way down the page




Thanks very much, I'll have a look at that! x


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