Extreme exhaustion

I have been having extreme exhaustion that I am so tired I can't get out of bed and legs and arms feel weak and the need to sleep a lot more, I have missed a lot of work in the last few weeks and cut down my hours, I went to my doctors several times who said it's maybe flu which it wasn't, I've been made to look stupid at the doctors as it feels they don't understand, I spoke to the Gynocologist who told me exhaustion and tiredness is not a symptom of endometriosis. I have had twinging sharp pains on the left side (ovary) during the day every day but since being off work it's been less but still comes and goes. My iron levels are fine and I try to eat an organic balanced diet. I just wanted to know if anyone else has this extreme tiredness but without pain that affected their day? I'm taking 300mg magnesium daily to help. My Gynocologist suggested that I take other tests to find out what the cause is as she believes it's not part of endometriosis.

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  • Fatigue is definitely a symptom of endometriosis. Before my diagnosis the fatigue I suffered was something that always led me to feel that there was something wrong X

  • Hey!

    I'm not sure if this helps but I've been told very recently that I have Endo. My bloods didn't show anything up but they did find that my folic acids were low. I've been feeling sluggish and I guess the pain isn't helping. I was advised to have spinach and as much greens as possible. Broccoli helps too! I had what I thought was a really healthy diet but goes to show my body thought I was lacking something!

  • Of course intense fatigue can be caused by Endo. I'm infuriated that a gyno has told you it can't be. Do they do any research at all? You only have to google Endo and fatigue to see how many women are suffering.

    I seem to go through cycles where it's very bad for a few months and then improves. I'm just at the end of my period now and for 2 full days before it started I could hardly move due to fatigue. Just sitting up and putting clothes on brought me to tears as I felt so weighed down.

    When I started getting fatigue I had my iron levels tested at the GP and they said it was normal. I was desperate as I couldn't get into work on the days it hit - I'd literally sleep 48hrs with an hour here and there where I'd make a snack. On the days I did make it in I was so exhausted I'd constantly drink berocca, coke and coffee (never usually touch coke or coffee) to little effect. I started taking high potency iron and vitamin c with herbs. I also took b vitamins. I can't really say whether the b vitamins helped but I do think the iron did. I now take it one month on, one month off and my iron level tests still say 'normal'. I cut it out for 3 months recently and the fatigue is back full on so I've started taking it again. All I can say is it's worth a go but obviously get your iron levels checked regularly to make sure they're not too high. Good luck xx

  • I just wanted to add on the days you feel ok I'd recommend batch cooking lots of healthy food to put in the freezer. That way when you're feeling too exhausted to cook you have something available. At least you then know you're getting the nutrients you need and so not exacerbating the fatigue regarding that.

  • Hm im contanslty tired all the time....some days I have energy others feels like my legs is gonna fall off..... As I've got ibs.... My cycle had been twice a month every month which I duno is normal or what... It had been ilregular for the past year.... Had the scans done all clear.... I'm out of ideas I am keeping a dairy of my monthly hoping it would return to normal but this isn't looking likely...plus lower back pain comes and goes when it pleased that really does put me down..... Is anyone else suffering from this?

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