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Cerelle mini pill vs Lucette

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I had been on Yasmin for ages and would only get headaches when I was due to come or had just started a new pack of pills.

I was given Lucette after being told the it was the same as Yasmin just cheaper to produce but have found that my IBS is triggered by the pill and my headaches are now lasting 3 days.

I had about a 3 month break from the pill to give my system a rest.

After seeing the doctor, she prescribed Cerelle. I've just been reading a few reviews and all seem pretty bad!

I'm in two minds and not too sure I even want to give them a go

I'm 30 and have been on the pill for a while

Any advise is welcome :)

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I've been on Cerelle now for about 6 weeks as I'm unable to take the combined pill due to migraine. I've been bleeding quite heavily for about 90% of the time I would say although no pain. Will continue to take it for the 3 months to see if it settles but then I guess I'll be looking for an alternative. I don't think this is an unusual experience unfortunately but I don't know anything about the other one you mentioned so would be interested to hear of others who have used it.

I stopped completely with the pil, because of all the problems i had with them, it triggered migraines, feeling sick, bloated, headaches etc.

I stopped when i was 27( and i taken the pill since i was 16 for heavy periods) and i am 34 now. I had some difficulties with my hormones for a while, but taking evening primrose oil and b6 did help massively.

It is completely up to you what to do, but when i tried around 6 different pills and all gave me different side effects i had enough.

Maybe they say it is the same, but every pill you take can give you different effects.

Good luck!!


Would you be happy to have a coil? I was the exact same as you trying different pills and reacting badly to all of them And the mirena coil is just amazinG!! X

Forgive me for latching onto a side issue, but you say in your 'Post' that the Lucette triggered your ibs. I'm just wondering if the ibs issue has been discussed fully with your Endo specialist.

I had thought I'd had ibs, as well as endo, for much of my adult life (although endo not diagnosed until late 30s). However, when I finally saw a Gynae who took all my endo (and other pain) seriously, he also said that I didn't have ibs, but that what I was experiencing was all part of the endo, and the effect (in my case) of high oestrogen but low progesterone.

I was then in my early 50s, and I'd gone to the Gynae, after my GP had told me to stop taking the pill at 50, and this had led to a huge increase in endo pains, plus more frequent and painful periods, and more ibs-type pains.

When the Gynae recommended a mirena coil I accepted, as it had helped 2 friends ... and it was one of the best things I've ever done. All the pains vanished, over a period of 3-4 months, and I've been fine for over 5 years, until recently. I'm due to have the mirena removed, but have noticed ibs-type pans recently and am wondering if this is endo, as the progesterone in the coil is exhausted.

So, the Mirena worked wonders for me, and I would recommend it (although I don't know how effective it is as a contraceptive - wasn't much of an issue for me, post-50 and perimenopausal) but I would suggest you try to find out a bit more about the ibs issue.

Hope you get sorted. x

I have had the same symptoms of ibs and 2-3 day headaches and nausea since changing from Yasmin to lucette. I’ve been taking it a while now and felt dreadful. I will make an appointment with my GP to discuss

I was on cerelle for six-nine months with the view that it would stop my periods, which it unfortunately didn’t. Other than that I had no side effects though, it just didn’t do what I wanted it to!

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