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Feeling So Down 😢

Hi Ladies..

I'm having a strange time at the moment.

I'm in a lot of pain the last 3 weeks.. Zero appetite and CONSTANTLY shattered!

My sister says to do a pregnancy test..

Ugh I don't know what to think. I don't know if it's my tablets I'm on.. If it's my endo spreading and playing up.. Help.

I'm so depressed at the moment and too.. Like thinking to myself "I genuinely don't think I can live any longer with this disease!"Its so draining.. Emotionally.. Physically.. Mentally.

Putting on a brave face for work.. Family and friends daily is soooooo tiring!

Is there any good suggestions or life quotes that you ladies can suggest to help me right now??


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Hi hun

really sorry you feel this way

I think you should go see the doctor explain how your feeling vet a sick note for a couple of weeks and take some time out for your self

Stop putting on a brave face and remember it's ok to feel down

Try to eat if not drink some smoothies and just relax put your feet up.

The house work will wait and remember there is always someone worse of than you it may not seem like it but there is.

Take time out your entitled to it.

If your late take a test.

Just don't stress and relax. Everything else can wait ☺x


Thankyou honey 💛

I know.. I feel bad and selfish for feeling like this but sometimes it's just really gets to me.

I've got my op coming up in 3 weeks so I'll just try relax then xxxx


Your welcome.

Don't feel bad at all for feeling like this.

Your human if you didn't feel like this then something would be wrong. Pain is awful but pain when it's constant and takes over your life is another level.

Just stop stressing and make the most of me time as and when you can.

Keep your stress levels low and see your gp ask them for some advice.

If there's a possibility you might be pregnant get that test done before your op.

Hope you start feeling better soon hun.



Thankyou so much!

I did a test this morning and it's negative (actually kinda sad about that).

I will definitely take your advice.

I Hope you have a good day



Bless ya

It will happen I know it's such a deflating feeling but it will happen.

You maybe need to get your vitamin levels checked folate iron ferratin etc that could be making you feel like 💩

Hope you have a good day too hun


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It's ok to not be ok x


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