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Argh, so tired!

hi all, I'm hoping some of you ladies can relate because no-one else in my life can! I am finding at the moment I'm so tired all the time. I never used to get tired before but I had a lap at the end of Jan to remove a lot of scar tissue and since then the pain has been so much better but I've been getting so tired. It started gradually but ramped up a few months after when I also started getting what the doctor thinks is reflux. I'm now being treated for that too (I seem to see a lot of Endo ladies say about reflux so I'm not sure if there's a link) but the tablets they're giving me isn't working. I think the combination of my body fighting Endo and also having a permanently damaged throat is pushing my.body to breaking point. Xx

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You might have b12 deffincinecy

I was out on Norlutate to stop myself from periods and after I month I started getting naseous, dizzy, fatigued and irritable, on my pill it said 'may cause dizziness' so I asked the pharmacist and they told me to try b12 supplements, I've been on them for a weeks and I'm not feeling as naseous.


Hi I just read your last post too I super tired all the time too and have the throat voice thing I have had that a long time so this advice is not related to endo but I have a slight hiatus hernia which is super common and they normally give you lanzaprazole but I didn't want to take that so have held off I have reflux and a sore throat and a husky voice all the time. I was eventually referred to ENT at hospital and told that the lanzaprazole wouldn't help this throat thing and to take gavison after meals and at night as this would help the reflux which it has and have been referred to speach therapy which is getting rid of my husky voice by changing the way I use my voice box as haVe got In bad habits when tired. My vocal chords are also dry and sore with the reflux so drinking more water and the gavison helping that phew. .... I also have had tonscillious lots and have a very scarred throat and one of my tonsils had a swelling on so had to have a MRI too I case of anything dodgy but all is ok and is improving πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


hi, funny you should mention tonsillitis started getting the odd husky voice after I had a horrendous 2week bout of tonsillitis. To start it would be every couple of weeks for a day or so and it increased from there. I was also on a lot of painkillers for.the whole 2weeks which I think might have triggered the reflux. The problem is that I cant help using my voice so i think I'm doing more and more damage which is why it's getting worse. I've tried omeprazole and lansoprazole, neither have worked. I do notice if I'm careful with the way I speak it does feel like my vocal chords are rubbing as much so maybe speech therapy would help me too. I'll try drinking more water too. My voice doesn't often sound too bad but it almost feels like my vocal chords are rubbing together and then the whole of that area of my throat feels really irritated. I've tried Gaviscon too but with mixed results. Maybe I need to be a bit more consistent with it! Thanks for the response. Xx


Hello gemp54, when you have a G.A you will feel tired for a while after, the procedure does cause a bit of paralysis and moving around normally again affects some more than others.

I have reflux which is made in your stomach by excess acid or a haitus hernia in your gullet/oesophagus, your diet will play a part on setting this off. Are you taking a PPI like Losec or lansoprazole? The fluid versions are not as effective as prescribed, you can ask pharmacist for things to try but a g.p is best, PPi,s will heel your throat too- you might need a gastroscopy to look inside your tum. Tiredness comes also if we don,t eat the right things- I know I sometimes don't and feel the affects from this.. Hope you feel better soon.


hi, sorry, what does G.A. mean? I am taking lansoprazole and I tried omeprazole before that (both from the docs) but I'm not seeing much difference although I heard it can take a long time for the larynx to heal so maybe I haven't been on it long enough yet. I have another appointment next week and they said they should refer me to an ENT then if there's not an improvement. I'm being good with my diet and I have always eaten pretty healthily but I did just look up the foods with b12 and I don't really have much of those at all so I've started taking b12 supplements and I'll mention it to the doctor next week in case they think it warrants a test. Xx


I feel your pain. I can hardly keep my eyes open - day or night!! By 6pm I'm fading but I know I can't go to bed. Always end up asleep on the sofa, my chiropractor keeps telling me off as I keep putting out my neck!!

I'm at a loss to what I can do to improve it. My natural wake up time is now 6.24am, we don't even have to set an alarm any more, it's the same time every day without fail... And I hate it!!

Had some work over the school holidays but now Im Not working again it's killing me getting up so early. So tired I can't even keep on top of the house work......


Strangely I've just started waking at about 6:20 then I really struggle to get back to sleep. It used to be that if my alarm didn't go off I could sleep until 10-11 easily! Annoyingly though I could go to bed with the kids at 7 and I'd still be tired. So frustrating! Xx


Hi ladies it might be worth asking the doctor to do a b12 test as this is quite common when you have stomach problems good luck


sorry- a g.a is a general anaesthetic, at the present oment I am taking 2 losec as my reflux is bad BUT you need to ask doc befroe you do that, they might want to add something instead. I hope you feel more lively soon


I was told eventually that the ppi s don't work for my kind of reflux and cause lots of other side effects too the gavison works as a barrier which really helps my poor sore throat and also doesn't have any side effects really , also use slippery elm powder which is brilliant and really calms it down. I felt a bit annoyed and hopeless at first with the speech therapy but I can really feel the difference now my dry tight vocal chord are starting to loosen us ENT took about 2 years waiting to get an appointment but he looked at vocal chords with camera and referred me , I had had a sore throat for years so was getting really worried it would be something awful but it all make sense for me now gavison acting as a barrier so no reflux then slowly working out the bad habits and tightness it's caused. I also have neck and jaw issues from a fall in Feb so think that's added to voice restriction.

Also I was told to steam my throat so just get mug of boiling water and breathe in steam carefully for ten minutes a day to break down the mucus. Don't cough to clear throat if you can help it as that slams together vocal chords and makes it worse. Drink lots of water and herbal teas but not peppermint because that drys throat out too . The vocal excercise I have been given mostly is make like a horse noise think they're called trills ??? To relax vocal chords . Might be worth looking up on you tube??

That's all I remember.... phew sorry to go on hopefully some stuff here may be helpful.

I know you not exactly the same as me but if you have to wait ages for an appointment maybe some of this may help πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


Hi, my doctor used to think that my upper stomack pain was a reflux too and it seemed right, as the omeprasol was helping with the every day pain, that was connected to anything going down my stomack, including drinking water. But these symptoms only were present at period time which was strange and at the same time I didn't know that I had endometriosis yet. I also had a pain in my under breast area going to the the side and back on the left. Then one day went to see my chyropracter as suffer with lots of back pain. He explained that endo growth can push your stomach up and that's what's causing the indagestion. After manipulating the upper and lower stomack organs in the right place , the pain has almost gone and I dont need to take omeprasol any more. Omeprasol was helping because it reduced the amount of acid has been produced to accommodate the puched up organs.

Gone it helps.

Vicky .

Also, does anyone suffer with the sensitivity to light, specially street lights and office or shop lights. It makes me dysy and everything sort of floats. And turns into migrane. . .. can't watch TV or go on computer or my phone.

Been to options and all is ok.

Thx vicky

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I get sensitivity to light and dry eyes all the time! It drives me mad and makes me feel tired even when I'm probably not. The only thing my opticians said is that my eyes are a bit dry but there's nothing else wrong with them. Xx


Maybe the endo reflux link is the bowel constipation issue which lots of us get as straining on the toilet can cause hiatus hernia I think ???? I always try to put feet on stool or squat to avoid straining now.

Hope you feeling better I going to look into the vit B 12 I do take a multivit but not sure if it's got enough in it gonna check πŸ˜€πŸ’—


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