So fed up

Well it's Christmas, the time to be happy and jolly, the only thing is I'm in pain my body aches and my abdo is painful still after my lap on the 14 December. I'm emotional and feel shocking physically. I don't know if these aches are related to the zoladex? the only people who understand are you lovely ladies on here. I hope your all having s great Christmas so far and are remaining pain free xx

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  • Merry this your first lap? Ibe had three now and I had been on zoladex before and now I'm on prostap which I think is kinda of the same thing..I've been on it 3 months now and have started to bleed again..its never ending im so hormonal and also been put on hrt but my mood swings are awful I've actually come to bed taken two painkillers a hot water bottle at my back and I feel like bursting out crying...I just wish somehow or some way they would find a cure so that us ladies don't have to suffer

  • Caroline I feel the same. I hope you get a bit of a break from these horrible symptoms so you can have some kind of normality. I wish you a merry Christmas too and hope your pain settles. Yes my first lap, I have severe endo, had a large cyst removed and my right tube. Endo is on my bowel and in my pelvic area. My left overy has numerous cysts too. I commenced zoladex on the 16 th and they put me on hrt, although I've been told now to stop the hrt. I have bone pain all over my abdomen is so sore. My lap sites near my bikini line are painful too, although they were doing ok. I'm feeling like a different person and that's not in a good way. I just want to feel pain free for one day 😔. I think I may be trying too much during the festive period which is impacting on my recovery, I don't think my partner understands how this feels daily. I wish you well and like you I wish there was a cure to elevate the discomfort. Take care and all the best x

  • I feel so bad for you having what you have..Some people take a week or so to recover my last lap honestly took me about 6 just need to rest up and I know its easier said than done especially with Christmas..I really hope you have relief soon!.don't rush yourself your body has been put through so much you had an operation and what you suffered before..look after you..believe me..but hugs and hope you get relief from it all soon xx

  • Nope this is normal I have cried everyday since lap on 18th and I'm achy, weak and defeated.

    I'm only on paracetamol now I think the going under in op reacts differently with people. Mine made me super emotional.

    I was wondering how you were getting on as we had ours the same week.

    I pecked all my glue off my holes yesterday so that was my milestone for Christmas day. (How memorable)

    Didn't go family's for lunch as felt too anxious going out. So hubby was far from impressed. But thought no im bad and it's tough.

    I've been eating fresh food and salmon etc try get some vitamins in me help heal my body.

    Think the hardest thing is been positive whislt I'm healing.

    Try relax and take in the Christmas movies :) hugs

  • Hope your ok Booboo08, I woke feeling achy and in pain two codeine and two parcetamol have helped me today, I'm not planning on doing anything today. It's not good is it, I feel and look shocking! Which is driving me mad. My sick note lasts for another two weeks, I'm going my Drs on the 4th, I'm going to try to get another sick note for another two weeks I think I will not be able to do my job feeling like this 😟. Hope your feeling better soon. I really didn't expect to feel this bad though. How did your lap go? What did they do? X

  • Hi the emotions are easing. They said they were removing my cysts, polyps and skin tags. Opened me up and removed nothing.

    Said my bowel and womb are stuck together and I'll need a different op, as it's worse than previously thought.

    This has knocked me for 6 as I put up with 3 months of pain and pain ful periods as I thought I was getting fixed last Friday. Now I no this is not the case.

    Not good, completely fed up.

    How are you feeling?


  • Had a really bad evening sweating and achy felt like I had a bad dose of flu. Last night was the worst I've been 🙁 I was up in the night but I don't feel too bad this morning. I'm not sure if my bowel is creating further pain. I'm not finding it difficult to go to the loo, but I feel the pain working my way through abdo when I need to go. I feel like a moaning grumpy person and I'm not usually like this at all. Have they give you a date then to return to hospital? Sorry to hear your emotions are still all over the place. I think the pain is taking my mind of my emotions although I cry st the drop of a hat. Hope your feeling better soon and have one day of pain free emotional day. Take care x

  • Yeah 8th of Feb lol. So a couple more periods from hell to go through.

    I had hot flushes think it's inflammation so had a paracetamol .

    I'm trying be postive had to go family do last night listening to a cousin whine about pregnancy and watch everyone get drunk.

    Yey!! Well be ok us endo sisters are fighters xxx

  • I no that one we'll paint on a happy face 😟 keep in touch let me know how you get on its good to talk to someone who knows what we go through daily. You can buy codeine in tesco it's a lower dose that may help you a bit but just don't over do it! I've just telephoned the ward to see if these symptoms are normal. They said go gp I may have flu! She didn't ask my name or what I had done, charming!! So im just going to get on with it x

  • No achy is normal I said to hubby I feel like its flu. Was weak achy sore and emotional.

    Double check tho if have cold etc.

    I have codeines just don't want come reliant on them incase get addicted. Save them for the monthly lol

  • Hi there everyone

    Fed up !!! We all are, i've been constipated and guess what i ate yoghurt and that i usually dont eat now i have diarrhea what a nice life, its true everyone seem to be in such a jolly mood and i dont wanna be the party pooper but what can one do this endo drives me nuts. God bless trust u all have a cozy, pain free Xmas 😘

  • looks like my toilet and i are havin a date tonight 😏

  • Oh dear Noeymb, that's not good at all, hope the toilet situation settled soon x

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