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Put on so much weight feel depressed

Hi ladies I am really having a bad time I still haven't had my hysterectomy that was due to be done March latest I have since found out by an endometriosis specialist that they shouldn't be taking both ovaries as this isn't the answer and doesn't help and I have put on so much weight with this condition and can't shift it I'm in constant pain. How much more are Us ladies suppose to put up with why can doctors and gynaes not start helping more and giving the right solutions. I know there is no cure but they should all be saying the same thing I'm constantly being told different it's ridiculous. Sorry to vent I'm just at a loss and feel so alone. I'm tired all the time from it I'm really down at minute and don't know if I can take much more no one unless you have it understands how bad it is I've suffered years now. Thanks for letting me have a moan hope all you ladies are doing ok well as well as you can with this.

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Aww bekie,

You poor lady. Can you ask your gp to be refered to the specialist? Explain how you feel and that it is effecting you so much being told different things.

I have no idea what you must be going through and have never been in a position like yours.

The only advice I can give is try stay positive, and don't sit waiting to feel bette because it could be a long time.

Try going for some nice relaxing walks a couple of times a day? Fresh air and exercise would probably make you feel less stressed about it all. When your in pain you never feel up to it but your body will manage no problem and you tend to feel a lot better after. Maybe make a few changes in you diet too can help if your weight is bothering you. I have seen that cutting down on sugar and salt is supposed to help with cramps.

I personally would stay away from diet products/low cal stuff. It is just full of chemicals. But eat nice clean real food and you will probably drop a few lb fast.

Sending hugs and I hope you feel better later today. No one deserves to feel soo low.

Sam x


Thankyou so much for your reply I have never been above size 10 and I exercise I eat carefully I just don't understand anymore. I've done and tried everything that's meant to make this better well not better but easier to cope with I feel so fed up in tears a lot don't get me wrong I'm one of the lucky ones as I've managed to have 3 children before this hit me so I have things to be thankful for and I am but I just want to be me again before all this happened. Thankyou again for taking the time to reply to me it means a lot.

I hope you are doing ok and managing. Big hugs

Bekie x


Doesn't matter how lucky or unlucky you are, if you are in pain, stressed and getting no support then it is completely natural to feel like this.

I am also like you, putting on weight and I eat very well and exercise. I am trying to up my exercise right now as it makes me feel like I am working towards something that will make me feel better.

I hope you feel better soon x


Hiya Bekie, so sorry that you feel so ill, you have the right to be referred to an endometriosis specialist. There is a lady on here called Lindle who has a list if accredited surgeons have a look at her posts. I do know how you feel though I had a subtotal hysterectomy last year and I'm now due to have my ovaries removed at stepping Hill but I too feel that it would be better to just have the 1 out. Hope your hysterectomy goes well much love Heidi xx


Hi Heidi

Thankyou for taking time to reply. Thankyou for the information I will look at her posts. I hope all goes well for you. I just don't want to regret having a total hysterectomy like they have put me down for as I've heard a total is the wrong thing to do I just want do all research before letting them do such a big life changing op just for it to not work xx


Hi Bekie, I totally agree, it's such a big decision. By the way I. Have put on over a stone in weight over the last couple of years and I can't lose it either and if you try to exercise you just end up in agony. I wish you all the best, please feel free to message if you want someone to talk to Heidi xx


Thankyou Heidi you too message me anytime. I agree with all you have said its good to know people are out there that understand xx


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