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Hello and can anyone help?

Big hello to all of the community! I am new around these parts, though I have offered from age 11 with severely heavy periods and pain, eventually being diagnosed with endo age 21 (really had to push for it though!)

Bit worried just lately, had my more a coil out in Feb after i started getting severe stabbing pains and bright red blood (had been using coil successfully for 8 years and had no periods in that time it was blissful!) I had an implant fitted instead as contraception and to attempt to stop my endo flaring back up. Since then I have started getting periods again but not only are they now bright red in colour as opposed to the usual darker colour, they are becoming more frequent and lasting longer each time. Currently on day 12 after only a 2 week gap :/ also having trouble with tampax working their way out or coming out bent and I am pretty sure I can feel a lump on my cervix, last smear was fine though so not sure what that's all about.

please excuse the essay, I am just becoming very exhausted, frustrated and a bit worried by whether this is all endo related or could be something else...

any advice would be very much appreciated xxx

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also please excuse the typos am on my phone and autocorrect is it's usual great self!


Is there a possibility of a prolapse? I know odd question but if your tampax is coming out bent theme there has to be something causing it to do so.

When your in pain you tense up, how the pelvis tenses is it does a kegel, kegels make your pelvic floor tighter h/w with endometriosis you develop an overactive pelvic floor which can result in lots of issues, such as pelvic pain or even a prolapse if it becomes too tense or a pulled muscle.


To be honest the thought of prolapse has crossed my mind, which is how i ended up feeling for my cervix and finding the small lump :( biggest problem right now is getting an appointment to be examined when I am not bleeding, as I have to book in advance and there is no way to know whether it will have stopped!

I think as much as anything I could just do with talking to people who understand, as no-one in my family or friends really get it. They do try bless them.


Most Gynacologist's can still examine you while your bleeding if your uncomfortable.


I got through to my gp over the phone and he has prescribed something that should stop me bleeding. Also gotta get bloods checked for anaemia and go back next week got examination. Positive steps, I need to panic less I think! Thank you for the advice xxx

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The tampons will be falling out due to their own weight when full and being unable to cope with such heavy flow. It happened to me all the time - they would drop out into the toilet.


I wish this were the case, but they come out within a short space of time and although I am bleeding for a prolonged time, I am not hugely heavy with it. It is most peculiar :/


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