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Saying hello for first time !


Just had, after just over a year of suffering & initially being treated as MSK injury I have finally seen a Gynacologist . So now I have a 4 month wait til my lap & Mirena coil.

Will be my first operation ever , so nervous but glad to be moving one step nearer helping this awful disease! I have to say I was shocked about how long it can take to get a diagnoses. In retrospect I wish I was more aware of endo because I think I could have received treatment much earlier on but only after I was referred back to MSK for the second time & I had yet another flare up of pain that I feel they realised / convinced Gp this is not muscular & I had a scan- finally some answers.

One GP I saw after the scan, was brilliant & knew all about endo & worked in Gynae . So I feel we really do need to get this disease more publically aware! ( impove GP knowledge ) . So when women go to GP they can say ... Have you considered Endometriosis ?

My symptoms are chronic & don't follow the expected presentation but my pathology does!

Working with Endo pain is another issue & I have chronic pain with exacerbations & there is not necessarily a pattern. I can get pain if I walk or stand for long periods of time :( I suppose I am hoping to hear from others that after the lap they have had a good result & life in general is better. Also bit concerned about the coil?

Brooke 2003

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Hello and welcome! Personally, my pain didn't improve too much after my lap but it was still worthwhile to help me try to conceive. My pain this month has almost been non existent, I believe, thanks to prostap injection. However, this won't be suitable for everyone and I've heard it can have side effects. X


Hi newbie

Firstly I would just like to ask is your surgery being done at an endometriosis treatment centre or by a general gyni?

My reason for asking this is because there is an extremely high rate of ladies whom have had disease missed or even worse not treated properly (which makes it harder for subsequent surgeons to spot)...

Speaking from experience..

I have posted a reply on another post with the details of what I had to go through take a look it may save you suffering unnessaseraly.

Hugs Sharon

I'll post again with which post its on just need to take a look. X

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It's in post op (last post I believe)


Hello x im new here too. I have had endo for 12 years and due op no 7 in a weeks time x

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The surgeon is the specialist / top of his field , so I am feeling confident in his hands! As I am in my 40's I am hoping with the coil this will control the Endo!!!

Also I have cysts and a my Fallopian tube is ? Blocked! All the pain is ONLY on my left side- do others experience one- sided pain?

I am naproxen now & I think this is helping more than codeine !

Thanks for a nice welcome.



Yes all my pain was left sided and my surgeon found a deep infiltrating nodule hidden behind my left ovary he treated this with wide excision and touch wood I haven't had any further pain from that area...

However I do still get some pain but it has been reduced by 90% so definatly worth it. Xx

Good luck Sharon

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