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2 days post-lap

Hi everyone,

Had my first laparoscopy and a hysterescopy to remove a polyp on Wednesday. Feeling quite sore and a bit emotional, not sure if that's a normal side effect?!

My consultant told me she did not find any endo. This shocked me I really wasn't expecting her to say that based on the symptoms I have been having. She said she removed a 'dot' from my ovary and that my pelvis is very congested, possibly due to an infection I might have had in the past?? I don't understand all this, She did say she would explain more when I see her in clinic but that is not until the end of June.

I have to say I'm feeling really disheartened, I feel like I'm no closer to knowing what's causing this pain 😔 Based on my symptoms I felt sure it was endo.

Sorry this is a bit of a rambly negative post, just needed to write my feelings down! Hope everyone is doing ok xxx

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Hi MimiLouise88 i too am worried that this will be the outcome of my lap next month, I'm afraid I do not have any great advice for you but I would just like to say that you are not the only one in this position and I hope you feel better. Rest loads and concentrate on yourself xxx


I have my laproscopy today, I'm also worried that they won't find any endometreosis and It will be a waste of time going through it and that my pain is normal. Sorry to hear this, how frustrating that you have to wait till the end of June to get some more answers, I think it's quite common to feel a bit blue after surgery. I hope you feel better soon and recover isn't too bad.x


I'm worried that they won't find anything too. X


Hi Hun, I'm sorry you are no closer to finding answers. Do you know whether she is sending the 'dot' to pathology for testing? As this will show what it is. There is a condition called pelvic congestion syndrome which I think can have similar symptoms to endo. Don't give up hope of finding out what is wrong you will get there. It just takes time and determination.


Thank you for all the replies, I'm struggling with resting and concentrating on myself, I have two little ones aged 2 and 4 and although they are being looked after by my partner and my mum I feel like I can't switch off. The recovery is not the worst thing I've experienced but it is slightly more than I was expecting, I think I was influenced by so many people saying it's ONLY a laparoscopy or ONLY day surgery and I'll be up and about within days that I feel like I'm apologising for not feeling well now.

I'm not sure if she is sending the dot away, I know the polyp is going to be biopsied so perhaps she will. I hope that she will have more information for me when I see her, just feel like I'm in limbo not knowing what's wrong or what to do next, I'm very much a person who likes to know everything about something that's wrong and how to deal with it, I have a tendency to consult dr Google! Thank you Jean for the encouraging comments :)

Good luck to everyone awaiting their laparoscopy, I hope you have straightforward procedures and a speedy recovery :)



My pleasure my lovely. I know what it's like . It took me nearly 30 years to get a diagnosis. Just keep on at GP. Was your lap with a general gynaecologist? If so it maybe worth asking GP to refer you to a BSGE centre. They were set up specifically for the treatment of endo so they have specialist consultants there. General gynaecologists sometimes miss endo or don't always recognise all presentations of the disease.

A lap may not look much on the outside but there is a lot more healing to be done on the inside. So be kind to yourself and try and take things easy.


Its totally normal to feel emotional after surgery, two days after mine I was a sobbing mess. It does getting easier.


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