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Evening all , feel so frustrated and quite low today and feeling excuse French but like s*** long story cut short : 3 months ago I had excision and quite a few nodules removed from Verious places , I vertually felt myself for a short while after 7 months of being on morphine oral morph pain patches etc it was horrific my son who is 8 actually asked me if I was going to die 😥 My husband had to come out of work and look after me and our 3 children ! He carried me upstairs bathed me etc , well now a week ago I went to my gp because my right side of lower back ache came back who said you've probably pulled a muscle (yeah right) I went back literally two days later as it Defo wasn't a pulled muscle and feels like same as before the gp then agreed with me it was probably a nodule that had returned ! Well over the weekend when I bend or randomly I feel like I get a sort of sensation in one spot on my spine it's so hard to describe and ache in pelvis area I'm going to go back to my gp as I know I have to keep on at them otherwise nothing gets done !!! Has anyone else experiencing this as especially with spine thing bit worrying

Sorry for ramboling just feel so crap and so scared I'm back to square one and hubby starts a new job tomorrow 😬

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I'm sorry it's so stressful and painful, ramble all you need sometimes you need to Xx

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Sounds like a nightmare x. Big hugs. You need a referral to a BSGE specialist if you are in UK. Has the GP said they will do that?


Sorry for late reply really not felt to good , no !!!! They've put me on some medication and said we need to wait and see !!! It angers me I've been here before so many times it's so frustrating baring in mind I can't take anything for the pain because I have 3 children I'm just so tired 😥😥😥


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