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Leg Pain


Just looking for some info/advice about leg pain! I have endo confirmed through a lap late last year and have started getting horrendous pain in my right leg. It’s a heavy dull ache sometimes accompanied by shooting pains and I feel it mostly radiating in my thigh and my bum cheek. I went to my GP today who has referred me for a lower limb assessment. My GP didn’t really say much other than ‘I was beginning to think there was nothing wrong with you’ when he touched a spot in my bum cheek and I yelped. I don’t have the greatest relationship with him as he refused to refer me for my period troubles. I was eventually referred by a locum who sent me for my lap and my gynaecologist told me I have stage 3 endo.

I’ve started rambling but basically I was wondering if my leg pain could be endo related? I’ve read about the sciatic nerve but I’m not too sure as my GP refuses to even acknowledge the fact I have endo.

Just in need of some advice! Thank you

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Ahh I had that type of pain and I thought it was my endo. My gynae endo specialist said after the two laps it isn't the endo causing the pain. So went to my GP and he suggested physio.

So I'm now seeing a movement, posture and mobility specialist. He's taken a medical history, and has said he sees this lots in women. The lower back is weak which causes it all to be compressed, so there's referred shoulder, neck, lower back, hips, thigh and leg pains. It's due to being a women, having cycles, endo, surgeries, pregnancies; they all cause the core muscles (abs) to become weak and so the lower back compensates by being inflamed thus adding pressure to the nerves going through there. I've been through three months of physio (four sessions) and weekly core strengthening classes (group) plus fornightly 121 exercises. These have all helped me notice my core, use it and strengthen it. I've noticed that all definitely helps my leg and shoulder pain especially the shooting thigh pains. I still get them sometimes around my period but that's expected as the front is all bloated.

I'd definitely suggest a physio or movement specialist - they're usually around £45 per hour, worth it though. NHS didn't even get back to me when my GP referred me as I was "non critical" Hah!


I complety agree and I do physio led Pilates and core strength and to be honest its reduced my pain. Most pain I feel is mechanical stiffness post Hysterectomy.

Stretching 1st thing helps.

I literally have a body that needs warmed up before it can go.

Stretching my pelvic area is the best advice anyone has given me with a view to then going physio led Pilates and core strength.

Great reply.


I paid £40 once to a womens physio but the exercises and knowledge she passed on about mechanical weaknesses in the core/ pelvice were invaluable to me.


Thank you so much for replying :)

That makes a lot of sense!

I will definitely look into paying for it myself! As if they didn’t even get back to you, ahh that’s so sad.

Wishing you all the best

Thank you again! Xx

Yes it could in my opinion.

Hell yes in fact!

Mine was probably at stage 4 interfering with my right leg the nerve bundles on that side going mad around the coxics area, I had shooting pain only to the knee area (ie not the full way to the foot so not sciatica) and dragging dull ache in bum cheek and also felt almost urinary incontinent.

Im really sorry you are at this stage.

Would you know if your womb is enlarged with Adenomyosis as the two can occurr hand in hand?

Are you or have you had excision surgery?

How dare you be refused referrals considering you now have endometriosis. You can ask for referral to BSGE centre to treat/advise you on your Endometriosis.

Best Wishes


How crazy! Mine too seems to go to my knee however I feel a small bit of relief by pushing and stretching my foot.

I’m not too sure about the adenomyosis, it hasn’t been mentioned to me.

I’ve had one laparoscopy that was initially meant to be diagnostic only however he ended up excising it from my ovaries, uterus, bladder and on my left side.

Is it possible to just book a GP appointment to ask to be referred to one of those places? I believe there is one very close to me.

I’ve just had my second Zoladex injection which me and my gynaecologist agreed on however from my GP I find it difficult to get any kind of advice from him and feel a little lost.

Thank you so much for replying, it means a lot.

Best wishes to you too! Xx

You can look up the center near you if that's the one you're interested in, give them a call / pop in and ask them how it works, quite often you book the apt with the center and then mention the referral to your gp, but check their process as you don't want to pay if you can have it free - the free bit sometimes has to be your gp is happy to refer you first then the appointment comes through

Ooh thank you. I’ll get in touch with the center and see what they say! I just need somewhere to go for advice on my pain management and to try and understand what is happening in this crazy body. I’ve never felt so lost ha! Thank you :D xx

Hiya this is actually one of my biggest symptoms! It started as pain radiating to my bum cheek now it goes down the front of my thigh it normally stops at my knee but occasionally it goes down to my ankle. Your gp sounds horrendous! Is there anyone else you can see in future? Xx

Hello! Oh my god yes! That’s exactly it! And yeah, I really need to change GPs I’ve been asking my friends for recommendations haha

I guess I could just ask for a locum again and hope for the best :) xx

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