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Pregnancy & Endo: How to Increase the Odds

Hi ladies! I'm officially over 2 weeks post-lap and feeling much better. Since it was my first ever surgery, the whole experience has been a roller coaster ride from first finding out about the cysts that were found...to operation nerves...to post-op recovery. I was officially diagnosed w/ endo on both ovaries and left tube after the lap. It was much thanks to all of you and your comments that I got through it all!

Now, my main concern is getting pregnant. I'm 31 and my husband and I will be trying for the first time. We were just about to start when my cysts were discovered during a routine exam and my experience w/ this started.

I've read plenty of generic articles on how to get pregnant, but looking for any specific tips and advice from women with endo who fell pregnant, especially if it was post-lap. I want to start ASAP but worry my health and body are not 100% after surgery. At the same time, I want to try as aggressively as possible while endo is at its minimum. What worked - diet? vitamins? etc? Please share w/ me your stories! It would be much appreciated :)

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I am in the same position as you! I will be 32 in two months and I am currently trying (although still waiting for my period to come back after the Zolodex and coil I had before the lap) so although I dont have any real advise I will be following this closely for tips:) I have been told to just go for it as soon as you feel well enough to have sex so that is what we have done. I am already eating well to help with the endo pain and I have started prenatal vitamins.

Fingers crossed for you hun:)


Thanks! Good luck to you as well :)


Discuss with your doctor about taking progesterone pills once your pregnant to help the baby have a better environment. There's also Fertility Network on here which may be able to give you more advice. I'm too young but since it wasn't that extensive I think it'll be easier. Also you had it on the left tube but it wasn't blocked? So that's a good sign too.


Thanks. It actually was blocked but by the end of the surgery they were able to clear it and the dye came through, so hopefully they fixed it, at least temporarily.

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Hi there. Couple of tips to get pregnant and hope they help.

Drink gallons of Seven Seas Ruby pomegranate juice (in chilled section of supermarkets with other fruit juices) and that applies to both you and your fella.

Sounds odd but check daily for a vaginal discharge which is white and sticky - which has elasticity in it - as this is a sign that you are at your most fertile for the month.

I conceived 4-5 days after my period - this is usually the most fertile time for woman. Try it!

Lastly, we conceived, in the middle of the night, so don't be afraid to try that too!

Good luck and try not to stress about it x


Thanks for the tips!


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