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Post-op from Stage 4 Endo - return to gym?


I am 8 weeks post-op after a second surgery to treat Stage 4 Endometriosis that had spread to 5 organs. I am still experiencing some pelvic pain due to one of the cysts that was twisting towards my pelvic bone. The surgeon is confident that he was able to remove 99% of the cysts and I had no major post-op complications - except for the pelvic/ abdominal pain.

From your experience, when is a suitable time to return to the gym? Would it be best to slowly start back with yoga and pilates before more physical classes like boxing?

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I'd say take it one day at a time. If you feel good enough then go but take it slow, maybe just walk on a treadmill and try not to do too much and just slowly increase the better you feel.

Yoga is meant to be amazing for us but I would worry with all the bending it might not be ideal but I suppose you can just do as much as you feel. :)


Thank you for your response. yes, that is my thinking too, a small warm up and even if can only do half the class - but do it safely - that would be great. Havn't been able to exercise properly for 6 months - so want to get back exercising as have major issues sleeping since the previous surgery - the surgeon inserted the mirena, but do not think it is agreeing with me. 2 months later and still having major side-effects.


What kind of operation did you have? Laparoscopy or laparotomy?

Deep excision surgery?


Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy


I had two laparoscopies both with hysteroscopy and I couldn't do any tummy exercises for quite some months. Other exercises that didn't focus on my tummy i could do after approx 3 weeks.

Everyone is different so maybe you just need more time.

Keep in there!


Thank you for your response Patricia.

Yes, I am slowly getting back using the cross trainer. Building up my fitness slowly again as ot has been months since had the energy.

Can I ask you, a G.P mentioned it could take up to 6 months for pain to go away. Was this your experience also?


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