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First period post lap

Hello everyone

On the 30th October I had a lap and was diagnosed with stage 3/4 endo of which they removed 'most' of.

Yesterday I began my first period since my op. I had in my head now that it's been removed I won't get hardly any pain but omg is it painful. Literally feels like it did before the op! Why!!! I feel so disheartened and upset about it.

Is it normal? Does it get better? Does this mean the op was unsuccessful?

I must add that prior to the op I had pain every day but until today I've had 9 pain free days for the first time in forever.

Please tell me this is normal and that it gets better!

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Awe lovely it is so disheartening isn't it. I had my lap last week and I feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall today. Xxx


I believe the first three periods post operation can be quite painful due to work they done around it. Hopefully it will ease off after that.


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