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Advice please... is it normal practice to not have a bowel prep before lap


Hello everyone

I'm booked in for my lap next week, I have had one before 10 years ago which diagnosed endo and then had a large operation after which was a c section cut and my bowel and womb were separated. I know I definitely had bowel prep with big operation and I'd kinda convinced myself I would have one for the lap but they said I don't need one. I do have health anxiety so I get more stressed than needed about these things!

So basically after all my blabbering my question is did you have a bowel prep for your lap

Thanks in advance


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Hi hope all goes well with your lap

I had bowel prep for my 2nd lap 8 weeks ago but not my 1st, on my second they was separating my bowel from my womb plus left ovary it was all tangled together in a big mass.

I think it's only when they are working on your bowel as it need to be empty. Hope this helps x

I didn't have it with my first lap (diagnostic, carried out by general gynae) but did have it for my second and third which were carried out at a bsge centre.

Thank you both so much I think I've just got myself all flustered about it - it's all a bit unnerving going in for surgery especially when you have health anxiety 🤓

I would do a bowel prep myself no matter what - even if they dont intend to work on the bowel there is always a risk of accidental perforation, and our bowel needs to be clean and empty so that the contents dont spill and cause sepsis.

My surgeon is an endo excision specialist and requires a bowel prep everytime, just in case.

Do you know where I'd be able to get a bowel prep over the counter? I have left a message for the doctor Friday AM but waiting for a response

Hi. I have just had my first lap and did not have bowel prep. Not doing an prep wasn't a problem during the op or recovery, it took me three days before a BM, but I had the shoulder pain to be more focused on and then on day three after it happened that's when I even noticed it had been three days.

Give your doctor a call. I called my doc many times- I suffered from major anxiety before and I had many questions and each time one popped in my head he would know about it!


My surgeon prefers i use Fleet but other surgeons have also recommended Picoprep (both otc at the chemist).

The pharmacist would prob also be able to help/suggest a product?

Thanks I'll pop out today

yes I had a bowel prep for my surgery. it's not so bad.. but i suggest doing it as it helps the surgeon.

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