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heavy heavy period wait out or go to dr ??

I know this isn't the best place to ask but just wanted to ask some experienced endo people. I have normal heavy periods but normallly one or 2 heavy days and nights then normal for about 7 days monthly not particularly painful pain in pelvis mostly to do with bowel and bladder functions . Had sigmoidoscopy and blood and stool tested last year which showed nothing and gasto has signed me off as IBS

Over last year have had worse and worse pain lap in April some miner endo removed from rectum and ligaments on left and have adenomyosis, April is the last time I was examined but am on waiting list for hysterectomy.

Pains getting worse and worse on left side this month pains been bad all month and period started on Sunday and is so heavy am emptying mooncup full every couple of hours so like 10ml a time looks alot since monday day and night lots of clots none massive some 50p size. Was waiting it out pain on left lower pelvis alot worse last few weeks if anything touches or presses on it is so painful a raw pain very odd. Not sure what to do if I ring 111 they'll send me a and e because of bleeding but not sure if theres anything they would do anyway ???? Pain bad but I have strong pain killers and water bottle it not out of control but I have quite high pain threshold had homebirths with no pain relief so I'm quite insensitive :)

Does anyone have any similar experience I feel shivery and faint now but no temperature and blood test a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't anaemic then .

Will definitely go to GP tomorrow if still bad not sure whether I need to see someone today ? Anyone have any similar experience??

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