Laparoscopy and trying for a baby

Hi guys. We're trying for a baby and have been for 7 months. At the end of this month I will finally be having my laparoscopy. What should I do though? Keep trying for baby and risk conceiving by the time I have my op? And also how would they know? Are they likely to give me a test before I go in? Imagine if op got cancelled and we missed a month of trying..

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  • They will do a pregnancy test before u go in for ur lap,so don't worry.Try for your baby and things will just fall into place themselves.good luck

  • They can still operate on you while your pregnant from my what I've read the risks involved are mostly due to anesthesia and painkillers, which the doctors will be sure to find things with less risks.

    Although after your lap it might be easier to get pregnant since they removed the endo causing the issues you've been having trying to get pregnant for the past 7 months. For example if the endo is on your Fallopian tubes it can cause a blockage which can easily be fixed.

    Best wishes xx

  • I was in the same position and I was told to keep trying but NOT during the month of the lap. If I was already pregnant by the time I was due for the lap they would not have done it.

  • Same here. The pregnancy tests they do won't necessarily detect all pregnancies and my consultant would not have operated if there was a chance I might be pregnant. It's just one cycle of not trying... worth it not to worry about a potential problem with surgery.

  • Thanks guys. I think we wont 'try' as such but rather if it happens by mistake that would be fate. I am a big believer in fate and given it has taken SO long I doubt it would happen! I just worry that if I was pregnant they wouldnt know as I would only have conceived a few days previously. I presume they have stronger preg tests in hospital though..

  • No, my consultant said they would not be able to detect all pregnancies. It's not worth the risk.

  • And seven months is not that long to be trying for a baby. A successful laparoscopy should improve the chance of a successful conception afterwards! :-)

  • OH Gosh ok. will ask the hospital i think. Thanks

  • I would check with the hospital or gynae. Mine would not do it if there was a possibility of pregnancy.

  • How did your lap go?

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