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I was only diagnosed with endometriosis at the end of last year and waiting to be put on treatment, despite having the symptoms for 3/4 years now. Me and my partner are planning on trying for a baby at the end of this year and I'm not sure of the treatment will affect my chances of having a baby. Obviously this is something I will explain to the dr but just wanted any advice from people that perhaps have had kids after treatment or before etc and just wanted to get some clarity on the processes. I'm 22 and will be 23 and some people may judge me wanton a baby at my age but it's something I'm ready for and have thought a lot about for years now. Plus with my condition I know it might not happen straight away any advice on how long it took people to conceive a child would be great too. Thanks in advance for any responses x

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  • Hi venusx5, everyone is completely different when trying to conceive there is no way of knowing how long it can take an individual. As for treatment it should only increase the likelihood of you getting pregnant. My situation is that after the dr removing as much as possible through a laparoscopy I have to have 6 months of injections to put me through a false menopause. I have then been advised to start trying. I'm 24 so young as well xxx

  • Thanks dsteve202. It's difficult I know like you said everybody is different and although my gynecologist said I should be ok with the pains I receive I do worry as it gets worse almost every month. My endo covers a wide area but is a thin layer but apparently this can make the pain worse. Hoping when I speak to my gynecology I can get put in the right track. Good to know everybodies opinions and experiences especially on treatment as I've had my worries. X

  • I hope you don't mind me jumping in on your post (venusX5) I would also like to know the same things you are asking I have also had it for about 4 years and do have a 3 year old witch when pregnant masked a lot of my now horrid symptoms .. i am having a lap in April and looking to try for another baby sometime after ...

    And VenusX5 I have all fingers crossed for you and hope that in the end everything works out I am only 22 with a 3 year old and she did come as a shock but now with our condition I am even more thankful for her. Wishing you loads of luck and please let us know how things go Xxx

  • Don't worry about jumping in CharlotteElizabeth I appreciate your reply. Can I ask did your pains get worse throughout your pregnancy? I've been told pregnancy can sometimes help it although not cure as I know the chances are high for it coming back. Is your lap to try and remove your endo? They were unsuccessful with removing mine as it's a thin layer and covers a wider area. Thanks for your kind words I hope you have success with your next lap. X

  • Pregnancy was lovely took all the pain away although things like being tired and back ache were worse but yes it defiantly helped with me .. i was being investigated for endo about a month before I found out I was pregnant and because of pregnancy they just stopped looking my little girl is now 3 and I have had problems (in the bedroom) since she was born (by emergency c-section) but never went back to the doctors since November the pain has been unbearableand my op in April is to remove what they can .. i have been told that pregnancy will help mask tour symptoms and the 2 years after pregnancy is the best time to try again (annoyingly was told this just as my daughter turned 3), thank you xx

  • Your welcome venusx5! I'm the same they couldn't remove all my endo when I had my last lap in January this was because I have some on my urethra tube- apparently it's too risky that's what the injections are for to hopefully shrink what they couldn't remove. The dr's theory is after I have this I should be at my most fertile. I've had the injections when I was first diagnosed then I've been on pills, depot injection, implant and the coil yet the endometriosis still grew quite fast- this is something to think about for you if your unsure which treatment to go for when your thinking about having a baby soon xxx

  • Hi Venusx5, I was told by doctors at 22 (i'm now 25) to start trying for a baby as it may take the endo away (it didn't) but It took me and my partner 2 years to have a baby. We were given clomid to take to help me ovulate but this didn't work for me as it gave me cyst, so I stopped taking it but I think it was still in my system the next month and that's when I found out i was pregnant. I also read about some success stories about people doing reflexology to help get pregnant, so I was up to try anything and started having reflexology once a week and that month I found out I was pregnant, so I'm not sure if it was the clomid still in my system or the reflexology or maybe just nature, but this is what we did to help us get pregnant. When I was I was pregnant, the pain went away and it didn't come back until after I started breastfeeding, it was so nice to feel normal without pain or moodiness. xx

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