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Yasmin, endometriosis and anxiety

Hi everyone

I'm fairly new to Endo UK but I've done a bit of research to try and answer my question online but I'm struggling to find much out there - I wondered if there is anyone out there who can help me.

A bit about my endo experience: I struggled with severe period pain - burning feeling inside my womb, short sharp shock pains, terrible bloating - from around 14 and at 25 (I'm now 28) I finally had an ultrasound which showed a cyst that was twisting my ovary around. I was given prostap immediately (which was an awful experience as I struggled with horrendous mood swings) and I had my surgery a month later. They found little patches of endo spread all over but managed to remove these patches and free up my ovary. They also ran a dye test through and it seemed to run through ok - everything seemed to go well and I didn't lose an ovary which they thought could happen. My surgeon then advised me to take Yasmin until I decided to have a baby - which is not for a couple more years for me. I made this very clear to him. I so desperately want to have a child one day - whether I can conceive or not.

Since taking Yasmin and having my surgery 3 years ago I've had the worst few years emotionally - not so much from the pain which is amazing as I couldn't imagine not taking any pain relief - pre surgery I was taking far too much to just get through the day...

It's the anxiety, it's taking over my life slowly. It started with mild symtoms but now I have severe phobias (I can't get on the tube or an aeroplane and driving is probably the worst - I just don't do it anymore) and a constant feeling of fear, having panic attacks. It's holding me back and I'm so worried it's taking over my life. I've been prescribed medication to help with the physical anxiety symptoms (shaking, heart racing) and I'm going to see a therapist but last night it occurred to me, this all started a few months after I started taking Yasmin. Nothing else in my life has changed - Is it possible the pill could be exaggerating my symtoms?

If it's possible, Is there any other way to deal with endo other than the pill? I did switch to a Pill that might help me with my low moods and anxiety for 6 months but I felt some light pain return and went straight back to Yasmin - the pain is so mild and it has not got any worse.

Thanks for reading this and any advice is really appreciated x

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I don't have any personal experience with Yasmin but I am currently trying to research the best way to cope with pain while trying to avoid the side effects of the drugs available


Thank you millipede-24. That's a really interesting and relevant article - the research speaks volumes! I think it's a trial and error approach to find the right treatment for me, I just don't want to risk my endo pain returning by coming off Yasmin as it has worked to help me with that.


I think that pain is easier to reverse than the damage anxiety, depression etc does to the mind so be brave and try some different methods :)

I was given Mefenamic Acid which when I took for more than a couple of days made a huge impact to the intensity of the pain so you could try transferring onto a pain killer while changing the hormones?

Have you looked into the diet and natural approaches? I am now going to start experimenting with that so can't offer advise but think it may have at least some positive impact.


Please look at the current law suit and problems regarding Yasmin on the Internet by Bayer i don't know this relates to your symptoms but there are issues with this pill and the information is freely available . I hope you find this helpful


I'm so sorry to hear you have been suffering. I think you should go back to your doctor again and if they can't help ask to be referred to an endo specialist centre where they may have more experience in other options for management. Depression is a side effect from a lot of hormonal treatments but it's very individual and different things work for each person. I used to be on the combined pill and was very happy with apart from my pain levels but once endo was a highly likely cause of my pain they suggested the mirena which I had put in during my first lap that diagnosed my endo. I am not suggesting what will work for you as I'm not a doctor but just wanted to show there are other options to discuss with the doctor that could help. Anxiety is a really horrible thing and I am glad to hear you are seeing a therapist to help and being so proactive. Good luck I hope you find some answers xx


Thank you Hanny101. I think that's my best next step too. It's been a difficult time but I'm determined to get back on track. Endometriosis is difficult enough to deal with, no one needs anxiety to top it off.


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