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Final warning in work!

Morning ladies!

I've had so much time off the last few months for hospital visits, pain, the usual endo stuff! Last week I got taken into a meeting and my boss just couldn't understand, we had a works party the week before and he couldn't understand how I could be okay there then poorly the week after?! I was so frustrated basically made it or like I'm making it up. I tried to explain to him but he just freaks out and says "too much information" is he being serious?!!!

Basically I was given my final warning last week for having 2 more days off (terrible period pain and nausea) and now today have woke up with a viral infection. I just feel awful and work in a call centre so being on the phone all day is just the worst thought for me.

Does anyone know if we have any rights as ending sufferers? I would love to start a career in teaching finally but have lost every job due to this disease (I'm only 25)!

Feeling extremely sorry for myself on this bus into work!

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Also do you all find that with endo you constantly pick up any infection or virus going round? I'm just constantly ill!


I can understand your frustration. I had a lot of problems with absences for illness and surgeries disrupting work, and ultimately decide to switch to freelance, as I find it a lot easier to work from home, even when I am not well. Although it has impacted on my earnings, not having the stress and worry has made life a lot easier.

In my last job, I shared the Endo UK leaflet for employers (unfortunately it's not available on the site now), and I found it very helpful, as it gave them a good overview of the problem without having to have an awkward conversation with them, and gave them good suggestions on how to work with the problem... such as giving me the option of flexitime and working from home when suitable. Ultimately I decided to switch to freelance anyway, after a long bout of illness, but while I was there it was very helpful.

As I said, the UK publication is no longer available, but the SA endo association has a similar leaflet online...



Sorry to hear you've been suffering. Your boss sounds like a really horrible man, too much info?? Fine at the party and then ill the week after?? Um wow, great managerial skills buddy, is this guy unable to comprehend 'chronic illness'?? I'm sorry you are suffering!

You should go to HR or someone higher if possible, call a formal meeting with the relevant people, sit them down, explain your illness and how it effects your health and your productivity, provide them with documentation etc...don't allow them to treat you so badly. You are ill, this is not your fault & you deserve support at work, not to be treated like this!!

Alternatively, tell him to stick his job and follow your teaching dream, life is too short to be spent in a job you don't like with a boss you don't like. Getting ill has really made me reconsider my priorities and fight for what I want.

Best of luck! K xxx


You have rights under Disability legislation to reasonable adjustments which can include time off for appointments and also less strict rules on sickness and warnings,and obligation of Boss to support you. You must get help through a union or local CAB as they can support you .and hams fir an Occ Health referral ( your boss has an obligation to refer you I'd he hadn't already ) Google about your rights under Disability legislation but do get help asap. Good Luck. I fought it at work and was OK.


I had the same problem with my manager and called me into a meeting and said I had a lot of time of due to my endo I explained that I'm ill and can not be helped so I took it to the union and were very helpful and understanding I didn't feel like I was alone don't let them treat you like this take it to hr or union if you have one is shocking That some employers don't understand the impact endo has on people but I advise you to seek help as soon as possible wish u all the best xx


Sorry to hear your manager is so horrible. Hopefully by giving him the leaflets and getting HR involved then he will be more supportive.

I'm all for kicking this guy & that job into touch but as a teacher in a very understanding school I would advise against going into this type of job at the moment. I have to set cover for every lesson I am off & my school have had to deal with complaints from some horrible students & parents regarding my absences.

I am 'lucky' in that my pain is excruciating for only a week each month but it is very stressful to either be in school & not be on the ball or off sick during that time (esp as I only teach exam classes). My fatigue during term time is insane!

Apologies if I seem so negative but I am worried that you would be adding much more stress to your life right now by training in a very high pressured job, particularly with performance related pay. Xx


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