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Symptoms Following Lap

Morning I have my first Lap nearly 3 weeks ago, was told I had Endo at the back of my uterus and also in my bowel. Following surgery I was back at work on the Monday (surgery was Thursday) and I have felt terrible since. Flushes, aching all over and very lethargic. I have been given Cerazette however my period has not stopped since surgery. Any one else have this issues following surgery? My symtoms before surgery was very mild and manageable, worried now that its made things worse?

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Sound like you are over doing it, take some time to rest, you would not have gone back to work so soon, mist ladies have 1-2 weeks off,

What is your next step, are they referring you to a bsge specialist centre, if it's on bowel make sure they refer you,

Did the consultant remove/ ablated any endo, ????

Please look after your self, all your insides have been Mo ed around and pocked and prodded ,

You need time to recover



Thank you for your response, I have follow up in 6 months time, endo removed from behind uterus however I think they did't remove from bowel due to being a quite invasive surgery. I wasn't told about having 1 -2 weeks off just a couple of day!



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