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Pelvic/Ovary pain

Hi all I've not posted for sometime as I've been managing fairly well. I had a big op 2 1/2 years ago to remove stage 4 severe endo. I was in a terrible way before this op but it really changed my life and I felt much better. I was given a year to try for a baby before IVF and luckily I fell pregnant naturally within that year. I had a beautiful baby boy called Marley.

Since having Marley I have suffered with endo symptoms again. I tri-cycle my pill so I don't have to have a period every month. Annoyingly I still get horrible pelvic pain every month even when I don't have to take a pill break. Normally though the pain does sub-side after a few days until the next time. I just try and get on with things because I know I'm nowhere near as bad as I was before the op. My Endo consultant is keeping an eye on me but prob looking at a hysterectomy in a few years.

Anyway I'll get to the point. This last week my pelvic pain (always right side) has been worse than usual and has stuck around. I've also felt quite nauseous at times and the last couple days I've been getting stabbing pains in my right ovary. I also had a bit of breakthrough bleeding yesterday morning. Spoke to my doc today and she's arranging a scan to check for cysts. She also sent me to the nurse for swabs. They give you the swabs to go yourself now. When I was doing it it was really uncomfortable and there was blood on the swab stick. I mentioned that to the nurse and she didn't really comment on it but said to phone Thursday for the results.

Has anyone had similar experiences or any thoughts on what could be going on?

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