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What happens After laproscopy?

Hi everyone, so fingers crossed my laproscopy is the beggining of November. Is there anything they send you home with or any treatment after your laproscopy. I see lots of women on different hormone tablets and many medications. I was just wondering if you start to begin those medication after a laproscopy or do they leave you to see how you are?

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I was started on gnrh injections within a couple of weeks of the surgery (although none of the endo was treated, the lap ended up being purely diagnostic). I also had a mirena put in at the same time as the lap. The bsge centre I am being seen under now has said that they recommend using some sort of hormone treatment (cerazette/mirena/depo etc) after surgery to try and slow the regrowth of the endo unless you're trying to get pregnant. It is of course entirely up to you to decide which of these you are willing to try, or if you'd rather manage without them.


Hiya thank you so much for your reply. As I say I thought hormone treatment was used after be used of how many women I see on here using it. Just a little anxious to have hormone treatment after I'm not trying for a baby yet but I'm worried it may affect me in the future.

I hope your well x


I live in the US. I was strongly advised to take a hormone of some kind after my lap. I waited because I wanted to try to get pregnant. Unfortunately within four months I ended up needing an emergency blood transfusion from hemorrhaging and I'm back to square one. I already have a large cyst again. I was diagnosed with stage 4 and just thought surgery would help more than it did.


I was advised to start taking the mini pill which I have started 2 weeks ago. Still having pain mid cycle but as I've only started taking it I will continue to take it 3 months like my consultant advised. Due to see him today to discuss outcome of surgery and way forward


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