Needing to pee constantly at night

Hey girls,

Been suffering with severe pain in my back and pelvic area right side. Had a scan and they said they couldn't see and large cyst just a few small ones.

I've been put on tramadol for the pain and that seems to be keep the worse off. But over the last few weeks I have been getting up every half an hour at night to go for a pee, is this a sign that I could have endo on my bladder? I feels like there a pressure on my bladder, and I have been tested for UTI and that came back negative

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Hi, this is happening to me actually. I am also taking tramadol. Do you think it could be a side effect?

Hi! I have had the same trouble for a while now and was only diagnosed with endo and cysts on my right ovary last month however I am taking cocodimal instead of tramadol as tramadol gave me horrible side effects. I wasn't told of any being found on my bladder so it may not be a sign of endo on your bladder but maybe cysts putting pressure on your bladder? I've been told endometriosis causes more frequent urination but I know what you mean about going all the time at night and it drives me mad! Hopefully we will both find a solution to this soon :)

I had the need to go at night for months but it has got worse since the pain got worse and then I started the tramadol. So maybe tramadol did make it worse but if def didn't start it

Points94 it's driving me crazy and my husband getting really annoyed he said you can't need to go again. I have an appointment with an endo specialist a week today so maybe he will give me an answer!

My boyfriend is the same he moans all the time because I wake him up every time I go! Could you please post the answer if you get one next week! I am not seeing my surgeon until next month :(

Of course I will

If it helps my consultant didn't explain much but my GP is good, I have a large chocolate cyst on my left ovary as well as several small ones. Apparently the weight of this lying on my bladder is the reason I need to pee as often, the volume that I pee also seems to have increased, I sometimes need to go again 20 minutes after I've just been. I'm lucky as my partner laughs it off but it must effect him as he wakes every time I get up ( he never used to but think he's became hyper vigilant since I became ill and now listens for me moving). In addition I know that the endo is on my bladder as well so potentially that might be irritating it.

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