11 days post op,

Hi ladies hope you are all well,

Well I'm 11 days post op ( previously diagnosed with end, a lap found no more endo but overies where stuck to appendix and left to side wall, removals of left overy and something found and cut out the sent for analysis) and I think the pain I'm having is the same as before, I know it's early days but surely recovery pain would be different to previous pain,

Can't stop thinking about it, and thinking nothing's changed,

God knows where I go from here if it hasn't improved,

Scared and upset,


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  • Did you see a specialist?

  • Yes in a bsge centre xx

  • Then I guess that means they have checked thoroughly I think. I don't think we can really tell the difference between endo pain and surgery pain that well as some doctors would claim. At least for me they felt very similar. Until the pain is gone, you don't know whether you are recovering or you still have endo, I hope it is former.

  • I would have thought so too. Had a full hysterectomy 4 weeks ago plus ovaries. when I over do things I still get the same horrible pain as before. Maybe the pain is caused by a nerve or something. I was wondering exactly the same thing!

  • I'm sorry I can't offer you any answers but I'm feeling exactly the same. Am 6 weeks post surgery for excision of endo, bowel re-section, bilateral uterolysis and appendicetomy all because of endo. For at least 4 weeks have been getting same horrendous pelvic and lower back pains as before op. I've thought same as you that surely op pains would be different. Also worried that if things are the same what happens now! Am trying not to think about that too much and feel that if I start getting upset and crying about it I won't stop!! Can't bear the thought of this for ever!

    Have you had a follow up appointment yet? Perhaps you could request one if not or to ring them for advice. I've spoken to the endo nurse specialist a few times. My appointment is next week so will hopefully find out more then. Like I said i''m sorry can't offer any help to you but wanted to say you're not alone if that helps?? Take care xx

  • Tboag I had a lap done in June and had a large endometrioma removed from my left ovary. My left ovary had fused itself to my pelvic wall and had to be unstuck, I therefore ended up having a partial oophorectomy. For the first few weeks following my op, I too thought I was experiencing the same endo pain as before, but having now had chance to heal, I know that the pains were just post operative pains. You've had a major surgery done and you need to rest up. Pain relief medication is helpful, but rest is the best - your emotions following an op like this can go wild (I'm sure it's hormonal too after being prodded and poked in your lady parts) and you need to give yourself time to get better. You have been treated by the best in a specialist centre, so believe me, you will have been thoroughly checked out - I doubt they have missed any endo whilst they were in there. It took me 6 weeks to two months to get completely back to normal and I remain pain free 3 months later. I keep saying to my husband that I can't believe how much pain I used to be in and had been for years, until I've experienced being pain free. If you're like me, you will be thinking every pain is endo at the moment, but have some faith. Your pains are probably your insides settling back to a normal positioning, tugs and pulls of internal stitches, tugs and pulls of external stitches, gas etc...

    I hope my post gives you a little faith? Please don't be down in the dumps...you will be tip top in no time.

    K xx

  • Thank you so much for your post, that's just what I needed to hear, I'm hoping I'm being impatient and hormonal


  • Thank you!!! Your words give me great hope. I'm four weeks post total hysterectomy and both ovaries... when rested I have more energy and are pain free. After being up for a few hours or driving or doing anything that pushes or pulls or tugs I get that horrible pain I've always had. Keep forgetting l've just had major surgery!!!

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