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9 days post op

Hi all

So glad I found this site! Basically I have had severe periods since I was 14 (now 33!) I did manage to fall preg and had twins 10 years ago and then a 6 year old!

However can't take any type of hormone drug (from com pill at 16 I got migraine and then bells palsey) then 4 month migraine when I took the pill to stop me coming on when I went away when I was 20 then after births of babies 10-13 week migraine (cluster) without letting up only last resort was steroids that made last one go. However then I tried mini pill in 2013 took one and had a 3 week migraine that's the last straw! Then last week I came on was overly heavy and pain (as normal) then all of a sudden was paralysed with pain in tummy all my pelvis called 999 rushed to hospital they thought was appendix turned out to have a lap - appendix ok but removed for future plus huge endo choc cyst they cut and grade 2-3 endo in large parts (pouch of Douglas they wrote) anyway they have done the treatment I'm now 9 days post op feel fine now was shattered and in pain until yesterday anyway I'm bricking it for next period now and now I know it may come back even more so I can't take any hormones they day about the mirena coil but I'm crapping myself about getting the migraines I'm so worried and stressed about it just wanna be normal!!! Anyone same? Xxx

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Hi Yummymummy

I am so sorry to hear your concerns and everything you have been through. Well done for getting through it all. I have Migraines too especially with combined pills, Cerazette tend to make me depressed but I can't manage without some hormone treatment due to pain and flooding. I get so low on Feritin and have had IV Feritin 3 times in the last 5 years. I tried Mirena but had it removed due to pain it caused but I know some women swear by it, I have been told my Uterus is an irregular shape so this could be why I struggled with it. I am now trying Qlaira which is designed to mimic the natural cycle but somehow tricks it into thinking you have already ovulated so I don't get the awful ovulation pain with it. Into my second month and I have had mild headaches, but I am studying Sophrology and the breathing exercises and meditations really help with these. I do firmly believe that fear doesn't help us and holistic therapies should be combined with allopathic treatments to help us ladies be more comfortable and more at peace.

Big hugs and I hope you find a solution quickly.



Hi jenny what is sphrology? Sounds interesting, I do reiki and shamballa healing


Hi there K_ay, Sophrology was developed by Professor Caycedo about 50 years ago and it is still relatively unknown unless you live in France where they use it a lot. He was studying neuro-science and Psychiatry and wanted to find a better form of treatment for War victims than electric shock treatment and medication. Cut a long story short he found by asking patients to focus on their body they become present and when in this state by asking them to visualise a recent happy event or situation they could heal their mind and body in time with regular repetition. It has been a wonderful treatment for me and goes very well with Reiki (I've just done my level I Reiki)


I should also say I am happy to run a small group on Skype if you are interested free of charge of course. I have to run some classes for my Diploma to qualify so if you are interested I would love to introduce some people to the relaxation and sleep benefits of Sophrology. My email is jenickbesom@yahoo.co.uk


Sorry you have gone through this and I can understand why you feel worried about what's to come..

Like you I can not take any contraception and I have tried the lot. The only one that did not make me sick was the copper coil as it has not hormones. I did find my periods were were with that though. Great for contraception but will do little to keep the endo at bay. My gynea wanted to try hormone injection or GNRH DRUGS BUT knows my history and us as reluctant as I am. He got rid of all my endo 8 weeks ago, but I now have been diagnosed with adenomyosis so will will now be having a hysterectomy in Jan. As for my endo I hope he got it all and that's the end of it... but time will tell I guess. I'm keeping my ovaries so if any was missed chances are it could come back to haunt me....

If you can't take hormones etc, and you family is compete I would talk seriously about all your options available...

Good luck xxx


Thanks ladies for the replies. I'm now 18 days post op.... Feeling ok back to working however on it on iron tabs for another week having few headaches now but normal for me mid cycle. Hoping my period will be better this month (if cycle not gone to pot after lap) - but app with gyne beg jan to discuss treatment it don't want to have an hysterectomy at 33!! However , I have 3 kids and family is complete so ill see how it goes


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