6 days post op

6 days post op

Hello ladies

I had my surgery last Tuesday and it's safe to say it was successful. I had my surgery done in aberdeen by 3 surgeons and an assistant. My bowel was stuck to my womb so they've separated those and my bowel was covered in endo so they've shaved it all off. I had a chocolate cyst in my left ovary so that's been cut open and scooped out. I also had lesions on my pelvic floor so they've all been removed. They checked inside my bladder and tubes at the same time and everything's looking good. I have to say I already feel such a major difference, I'm obviously still in pain but it's certainly not my usual pain. I can honestly tell that it's just the pain from having surgery. I'm feeling really positive but I'm still taking it easy as I am still recovering. Still very much bruised and sore, but I know after time I'll be fine. I'm attaching a picture of my tummy taken today.


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  • Good luck to you in your recovery.

  • Thank you x

  • Glad you are feeling a difference already and hopefully on the right road :)

  • So glad you're recovering well and are feeling so positive! I had extensive excision surgery 21/10 and already feel so much better too! Fingers crossed this a turnaround for us both!

    Take it easy and all the very best for your future! X

  • Thank you and I'm glad to hear your doing well too.

    Take care and I wish you luck in your recovery. X

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