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Still in hospital 2 days after lap

So I'm still sat here in hospital 2 days after my lap for removal of stage 3/4 endo.

They've taken the catheter out and I'm weeing normally again which is good and they were going to let me go home once that happened but now I'm passing blood clots!!!! Just my luck!

I really want to go home today but at the same time if I stayed then at least I know if there's a problem I'm in good hands.

Anyone had similar experience?

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Afraid I have no answers but hope you soon feel better and are allowed to go home xx


Hey Hun I hope you are feeling better. I had my first Lap back in 2013 and I had a c section cut so had to stay in hospital for 2 days. Did you have key hole? I was passing blood I think that's because of the Cather and all the pocking around! I was in a rush to get home but then I felt sick so had to stay in longer. The nurses are there to help so stay in as long as you need to. I was still spotting when I got home for a few weeks. My total time for recovery was 7 weeks. I then had another lap last year where I had key hole and my recovery time was 2 weeks. Get well soonn. Xx


Sorry just read that this was posted 17 days ago!! You must be home now lol x


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