Day 5 after lap, still unable to go to the loo


Sorry if u r eating when reading this. Had a diagnostic lap Monday morning. Have not been able to have a bowel movement since. Have been on co codamol which I know makes you constipated. So taken sodium discosate last night and this morning. Had quite a bit of fruit and veg but still nothing. Feels like my stomach needs to pop. Has anyone got any advice for me please.

Also bit a disappointed they found not endo even though a private dr had done an internal and said I had thickening on my ligaments that explained my pelvic pain. Could this be that because I just had my 3rd decapeptyl injection that it hasn't shown up. Also asked for an endometrial ablation as I had been suffering with flooding & extremely painful periods with big clots. They put me down for Novasure but the surgeon said the machine was calibrated to a setting and my lining was too thin they couldn't change the machine and couldn't do a diff form of ablation as I had only signed for Novasure !!! So frustrated right now. Not sure what to do now !

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Go and get something either from doctor or chemist to help you go. I was the same after my lap op i had alot endo removed during it even peeing for a few days was either painful or stop start. xx

I took laxido everyday, but I didn't go until seven days after, I put this down to the not eating etc before the op, not eating much the day after and not eating much the few days after, and yes co coda mol will make you constipated so you should've been given some kind of stool softener to help, and drink lots of water xx

I always have problems with codeine & found the best for me is to drink prune juice ( not concentrated) each day .

I also found in the past, that lactalose works very well.

I had my lap 3 weeks ago & still on some pain meds so I'm keeping regular with the prune juice.

Good luck x


I took fybogel after my lap for a few days after which helped. Can I suggest you buy some germaloid cream as well as it does help after the first go if you are constipated and it becomes painful. Katt x


I have a juicer at home so I made fresh apple and pineapple juice and this worked nearly straight away after a number of days after my lap being incredibly uncomfortable. I also didn't eat anything that I knew would be hard to pass whilst I couldn't go. For dinner all I had was vegetarians sausages (as I am veggie) and broccoli and carrots and didn't eat anything with gluten in - bread pasta etc - as I knew this would hurt on the err....Otherside.

Anyway, I hope that helps and hope you have been able to go! Xxxx

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