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Still in pain after lap


Hi all,

Sorry I hope I don't sound pathetic but I had a lap on Monday & I'm still today getting a lot of cramping in m lower abdo & back, the swelling hasn't gone down that much either really.

Is that normal?

Love Lou xxx

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you don't sound pathetic at all! unfortunately you will be in pain still its quite normal I know its hard but try and relax and if its not eased by say Wednesday and your still concerned then see your gp hopefully they will help put your mind at rest and maybe something for the pain.

hope you feel better and painfree soon


Hi Lou- I would go back to your doctor and get them to take a look. I heard different things some people were up and about as normal within a couple of days and for others (including me) it wasn't so simple. Have you been moving around much? The anaesthetic can take time to wear off so it could be that plus it can cause pains in your shoulders/back if you've been lying down mostly and then move suddenly. Take care of yourself and most importantly rest! xx

Hi hun.

You don't sound pathetic. I had a laparoscopy in March, I was told it would take 8 weeks to be completely recovered.

I can honestly say it took me 4 weeks to be able to do anything normal, I lived in pyjamas for those 4 weeks.

I think a major factor to recovery is what state of health you were in before, I have been (and still am unfortunately 😣) in constant pain, my laparoscopy didn't resolve my pain as I have adenomyosis and endometriosis.

But my point is if you were in alot of pain before it may make it worse for you.

As for swelling I was swollen alot for first weeks and still seen to get more bouts of abdominal swelling since my laparoscopy.

You need to rest hun, you aren't pathetic.

Hope you feel better soon xx

jvg69 in reply to Mummy1982

Hi, what did your laparoscopy involve? What is next step? Your story sounds like mine so hope you don't mind me asking x

Mummy1982 in reply to jvg69

Hi hun.

I don't mind you asking, I had endo removed mostly from my uterosacral ligaments and the pouch of douglas, I was having alot of pain on my Left hand side and down left leg.

They were hoping that it was endo and that it would get removed and help relieve the pain, but they found endo and Adenomyosis, I was told if the laparoscopy didn't resolve the pain I would need a hysterectomy.

I still had the same pain 8 weeks on, so they decided it must be the Adenomyosis and I had a zoladex injection to try and see if it helped but I had a massive reaction to it swelled up, have blinding migraines, bones aching, breast pain, skin sensitivity. So the Dr said it wasn't safe to have another one. So I have been put on the list for a hysterectomy.

But also I am having bowel problems, I have been recently diagnosed and need operations to sort that out, so I am unsure which is causing what pain.

I have constant pain every day, I'm surviving on morphine but that only dulls the pain😥.

How are you hun? What's going on with you ?xx

jvg69 in reply to Mummy1982

Ahh no, sounds like you have had a rough time. Hope you aren't waiting too long now for the hysterectomy. I will PM you x

Sorry forgot to put, I'd this isn't resolved within the 8 weeks and you are still in the same pain you should definitely see Dr and ask to be refered back to gynaecology.

Do you have a follow up appointment with gynaecology? Xx

Thank you lovely ladies :-). I'm waiting for a follow up appointment, been told two weeks.

Men have it so easy! Blimming women's problems!


Hi Lou,

I had lap Tuesday and even though a little steadier on my feet I still struggle to even move off the sofa to the toilet without assistance! I'm taking codeine every 4 hours but the pain is still pretty severe and I feel SO drained. I hope you start feeling a bit better. All I can assume is that it takes time especially if they removed endo as it shifts and moves everything!

Hope you feel better! I know how awful it is!! Xx

Hi, blimey you sound in a lot of pain as well. :-(

Hope you also start to feel better soon xxx

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