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Feeling down

Hi girls, hope you all are having pain free week. I had my total hysterectomy my endo was cleaned,while operating Dr found my left urethra was damage so they put stent to repair the damage. Stent would be taken out after 5 weeks I was better for 2 days only,had UTI with temperature was on IV antibiotic for 5 days so in total I was 10 days in hospital all my scanning was also done, all report normal,yesterday I was discharge. still I don't feel like my self,body pain fatigue and I also feel pain under my both arms feel bit sore as well.yesterday night I was chilled and then started to shiver.mid night I was sweating. Don't understand what is going on,is there any one who could help me please and give advice on what is happening to me and what should I do.

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Sorry to hear your troubles. The pain under your arms could be effect of trapped wind - well the gas they would have put inside you during op. Try little walks around the house and drinking mint tea to move it all around.

Did you have your ovaries out? Temp control could be menopause effects. Are you on HRT?

Just remember hyster is major surgery and you need to rest and recover. It can take 2 to 3 months to get anywhere near to feeling ok again.

I'd look at hysterectomy associations website for lots of info and support.

Best of luck and take care


You've had a rough time bless you. The chills & shivering sounds like you may have another infection? Do you have a temperature? Id visit your GP if you do. Also may be an idea to read up on endo on the uretha.

Maybe someone else can offer some medical knowledge. Wish you well x


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