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Feeling a little lonely


Hi I am new here but feel like sharing what I am going through in the hope someone understands me. About 10 years ago I found out I had endometriosis I had injections at the time (can't remember what they were called) and then decided to try for children. I was very lucky to have two very healthy children and the pain seemed to stop apart from the odd few painful periods.  However for The last few months I have started to have unbearable pain that got so bad I ended up in hospital for a night and given morphine to try and control the pain. They  sent me on my way the next day with paracetamol!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to wait two months to be seen by the gynaecology clinic. I am quite sure it's endometriosis that's causing the pain however, this time I am also having pain in what feels like my hips is this a symptom? I am so tired all the time and although I look fine on the outside I am feeling so rubbish on the inside and my husband told me I have been moaning a lot lately. I am now keeping to myself how I feel as I don't wanna be that person who moans constantly but I am feeling so alone. 

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Aw bless you, I know the feeling. I'm off work post laparoscopy and it's a lonely experience. Endometriosis is lonely itself because as lovely as people can be, it's not something everyone can understand so I've found this site so useful for support. 2mths feels a long to wait to be seen. Is there any way you can pay for a one off private consultation at a specialist? It's about £150-200 which I know is expensive but may be worth it if you can be seen sooner. Aside from that, I know the whole hiding things from your partner thing really well. I did that a lot before I got my diagnosis because I basically just seemed moany, tired and lazy. I know now that wasn't the case but it's easier to hide it sometimes. Post on here anytime you need company, it's full of people like me who understand. X 

Hi, because you have a diagnosis of ENdo already, I would suggest you go back to your Gp and ask for a refferal to a bsge centre, which you are very entilted too, I get the loney feeling, my husband and sons are great really, most if the time but rpbeleave me we have our moments, hip pain, is a symtom of Endo, 


Please don't feel lonely I'm always her to talk too 😊my family are so unsupportive and think I'm making all my pain and symptoms up even tho an mri showed deep endo.i feel very alone too at the moment so chat to me anytime take care Michelle xx

You are definitely not alone!

My husband tries to understand but doesn't quite get there, it's like he forgets. He doesn't even approach or comfort me when I am a heap on the floor, in that moment it is a lonely place to be for sure.

I found this forum to be really helpful, the ladies here are all lovely and helpful and we can all lift each others spirits.

Chin up xxx

Thank you all for your kind words they brought a tear to my eye as it was just what I needed to hear. there is nothing better than someone saying they understand as they know what you are going through and not making you feel like your exaggerating you symptoms/pain 

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