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Just feel down all the time


I had my Down Regulation injection 6 days ago, and I don;t know whether this is the cause, but I am crying 4/5 times a day. Before the injection, I did have 'down days', but it would be maybe two days a week of crying. My husband was understanding, but I think he is getting a little fed up, that every time he looks at me, I'm crying.

I don't think it helps that 5 of my friends have found out they are pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy for them, and can't wait for their babies to arrive, but it is still hard for me. I can't have children, because of my endo, This news for me, is still quite fresh, and it just seems that everyone is having babies, except me. Everyone keeps saying things like "Don't worry, it will happen for you". Because I am going through ICSI, a lot of people think it is going to happen first time for me, but I just can't get positive about it.

I also thought that the injection was helping with my pain, until yesterday, when I was doing some gentle exercise at the gym, and got struck down with pain. I came home, and haven't moved since. My pain killers are not doing anything to help, and I feel bad for my husband, who is just running round after me. I do hope my mood picks up soon. I hate feeling like this.

Hope all your lovely ladies are feeling OK!!!

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oh bless ya..sounds like your on emotion roller coaster...i have 3 kids i had them early.. (thank god) i can no longer carry a pregnancy....i cant even begin to understand how you feel ...i..maybe you need to speak to your gp about how you feel becos i know endo is tough...sometimes we need a bit of help to make us cope with everything a little better....and come on here write a blog of your journey and wat makes you sad...angry...pain..fertility it can sometimes be a good way to rant at the world and theres always lovely ladies waiting to help...sorry if i dont help much...u need to know your not alone...xxxxxxx

trish_88 in reply to missee

Thank you missee. It is nice to have people to talk to on here, that know what we are all going through. I try to talk to family and friends, and they all know someone who has been told they can't have children, and now they have one, so "it can happen". I bet it is hard for you too though, even though you have 3 children, to actually be told that you cannot have anymore it just as hard. You want to make that decision yourself, not have it taken from you. Thank you for replying, and I hope you are OK! x

Hi I'm the same at mo feeling fed up with everything. Yes the pain gets me down but knowing I can't have kids and don't know if IVF will be an option has been an emotional nightmare! I'd actually felt a bit better trying to think positive until my hubby said he wouldnt want to adopt and felt the decidsion has been made for us ! I have 10 nieces and nephews so try to think its nice there's kids around but I am struggling so I know how you feel. I'm happy that others are lucky to get pregnant but it hurts that it may never be me! Anyway I just wanted to let you know I understand exactly how you feel, I hide the tears but feel like I'm crying inside just faking a smile. I'm off to doctors Wednesday to ask for help to cope I've never had to deal with depression, so all feels strange but doctors are there to help so if you are crying lots maybe a chat with your doctor could help xx its great you have suport and the support on here has helped a little just cause it stops me bottling it up. X

trish_88 in reply to lillyflower

I am the same. I have nieces and nephews, plus I work in a Nursery, and work in the Baby Room, so that makes it difficult. When the parents say things like "so have you got any children", then I tell them no, it's like I'm not able to understand what certain things are like; because I am not a mum!

It is always something I have always wanted. I remember from the age of about 11, saying, when I grow up, I want to be a mum. That was all! And I can't even do that. It is upsetting!

I think I will have to see my GP, just to see if there is anything they can help me with. Thank you so much for replying, and hope everything goes OK with your GP ! x

Ah what a lovely job, but I can imagine it does make it hard for you. There is help so tell your gp. I've been today and was surprised how sympathetic she was. I have nortriptyline which is for chronic pain but is also an anti depressant in higher dose. She sugested these as they shouldn't make me drowsey. I have been teary but actually felt better just talking about it to. I hope they help x

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