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Sufferer over 40

Hi I am new to the group. I am 42 and have suffered most of my adult life with endometriosis, although I was only diagnosed at 32. I have had two lots of surgery, tried loads of pain killers and as I work as a PT and nutrition coach, I have a good diet with great supplements that help with the condition. I have had my symptoms under control for a while but recently it has become really bad again. I have recently had more scans and blood tests with no apparent additional problems. Has anyone else in their 40's experienced more intense pain and heavier periods, I'm wondering if it's my age. I know I'm not starting with the menopause as I have been tested but I'm thinking perhaps my body has changed again, with a new decade?? Also the Dr has suggested the coil but since I have no children I am worried this will be too painful to insert, has anyone else without children had any experience with this without having children? Any advice or success stories would be really appreciated as I'm feeling at the end of my tether at the moment.

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I was recently diagnosed at 38 but have always had problems which my gynae thinks were due to undiagnosed endo. I only managed to get a diagnosis because my symptoms and pain had escalated massively and I was having to go to A&E for pain. Obviously we know endo is progressive so it makes sense that it gets worse as you get older. I've read that it's most common in women in their 30's/40's but I suspect that's not the case, it's that it's most commonly diagnosed at that age when symptoms become too difficult to ignore.

I did have a mirena earlier this year. It was put in under anaesthetic during a lap but taken out a couple of months later. I have had children but was honestly really worried it would be painful when they removed it out because I've read so many horror stories about it but I didn't even feel it when it was pulled out. Piece of cake. It really might not be as bad as you think.

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thank you for your reply. I'm trying some new pain killers which seem to be helping momentarily but I think I may consider the coil if it's not that bad. Tried everything else, may be worth a try !!


Hi, I'm 40, symptoms started when I was 32/33 (whilst on my 2nd mirena coil) and I was diagnosed at 35. I had a break after my 2nd coil was removed and my periods were horrendous, really heavy and sore (worse than then were in my 20's). My 3rd coil didn't help at all with the bleeding and pain so I opted for novasure (endometrial ablation) during my lap last year.

I don't have children either and having my 3 coils inserted (and removed) wasn't too bad to be honest (I have a high pain threshold). Don't be too worried about it being too painful, it only takes a minute or so and taking painkillers before hand can help. The coil gave me 11 years of very light manageable periods and I was grateful for that.

If I can answer any other questions please let me know x

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thank you for sharing that, that's really helpful. So you would say yes to the coil then. The pain was reduced by having it?


Your welcome!

I'm not sure what your history is. My 1st and 2nd coils were for reducing bleeding and they did help with period pain. It was half way through my 2nd the endo symptoms started my 3rd coil did nothing for endo pain/symptoms or bleeding. Some will say their coil helped with endo and it's the best thing they did. I would say it may be worth a try. Sorry I'm just trying to be as honest as I can.

People only post about (horror) bad experiences very rarely good experiences. x


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